5 facts about India that may be WRONG! Reveals RTI


OMG: From father of the nation to national anthem!

Dailybhaskar.com | Nov 15, 2014, 15:23PM IST

5 facts about India that may be WRONG! Reveals RTI

Ever since the Right to Information(RTI) act has been brought to use, it has uncovered many uncomfortable truths. Right from the galleries of Parliament to the alleys of government offices, everyone has been brought in the public ambit.

Today we take a look at the most shocking revelations by RTI, that raise serious questions over the identity of the biggest democracy in the world.

One of the biggest revelations by RTI has to be the fact, that the man who is reverently called the father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, is not the Father of the Nation, officially!

This truth was uncovered when a 10 year old Aishwarya Parashar filed an RTI enquiring about Mahatma Gandhi's title.

In a written reply, the government of India said that the Constitution does not permit any titles except educational and military, giving a reference of Article 18 (1) of the Constitution. Therefore Mahatma Gandhi cannot be accorded the 'Father of the Nation' title.

The MHA then forwarded the RTI query to the National Archives of India.

To which the Central Information Commissioner Basant Seth replied, "There is no order/document on record by which Gandhiji was given the title of "Rastrapita".

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