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By Mrigank Bhowmick – Online RTI Writer - Friday, the 12th of Dec, 2014

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Passports and their many uses are manifold for most people in most countries. And it is very much the case for a country like India with its size and population, resulting in its own challenges for a country of our magnitude and diversity. Not only does the passport serve as an acceptable form of identification for all citizens all over the country, but the passport is also absolutely necessary to travel anywhere outside the country.

Unfortunately, our Passport Application and processing system in India is still archaic and ancient.Even though the rules state that a particular RPO is required to grant a passport within 45 days, more often than not, they never get delivered within the stated time.

The second problem is with the two-stage identification process, with the local police station, who create a file on you and your background. It is at this stage of the process where most of the files get stuck and delayed.

Throughout this whole procedure, the applicant is made to run from pillar to post - from the Passport Seva Kendra, to the Regional Passport Office, and to the Police Station - to follow up and find out the status of her passport.

It is in cases like these, that the power of the RTI Act can be duly leveraged and put to good use, with a proper RTI application. You then just let the system work for you and let the Passport Officers worry about getting your passport processed promptly for you.

Online RTI, among many other types of RTI Applications, receives a lot of passport-related RTI queries. All of them, however, have one thing in common – Delays! Strangely, even citizens with the Tatkal Passport process option, do not get their passports within the stipulated time.

Online RTI has a proven system in place wherein; your RTI Application is properly drafted and promptly sent out to the specific PIO officer for a timely response. All you need to provide in your Online RTI Query, are a few pieces of information with regard to your Passport Application:

  • The Name of the Passport Applicant,
  • The Passport Application Number, and
  • The Passport Office (where you applied for your passport).

With your Online RTI Application, you will find out the exact nature of the delay on your Passport issue. This also, more often than not, invariably leads to expediting the issue of your passport in most cases.

You can file an RTI Application on the status of your passport in the following most common situations with your passport:

  1. When your passport is delayed and has not been delivered to you,
  2. When it shows as "Verification Pending" as the status of your passport process on the Passport Office website. This generally means that the holdup of your passport is due to some police verification work, and
  3. When you have misplaced your passport and need to reapply for it, but do not have all the details to process your request.

I wish you all speedy processing and issue of your passports for your travel plans lined up for this holiday season . . . . .



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