A Day in the Life of an RTI Application


By Jolly Thomas - Online RTI Writer, 17th December 2014.

A Day in the Life of an RTI Application Life moves from "Open" to "Started",
With a cry and a step,
And from started,
We are all in a hurry to be "Drafted".
But life has its own way
There is "More Info Needed"!!!!
And when "More Info is Provided",
Life is still not ready to be drafted!!

And then the TEMPLATES!!!

'State' or 'Centre' . . .?
State where I stand – alone?
Or centered around someone special?
And that is where lies all the confusion!!!

So, then there we are,
Late in LIFE – "Info Provided" and well drafted
So we think!!
All ready to be 'Reviewed'
But, life has again some other plans
Time spent at "Sent for Approval"

From conscience to soul
And when we are finally'Approved',
We are "Ready to be Posted"
And just before we are posted
A final goodbye and then we are "Filed" for good!!!

Jolly Thomas

Jolly Thomas
I am from Vellore, a small town in Northern Tamil Nadu where healing is in the air with CMC (Christian Medical College) touching most peoples' lives there. Marriages and deaths here are still screamed out as before with loud hoardings all over (sadly, neither of which are mine), and education is at its best with Vellore Institute of Technology. This small town bustles with people from different religions, walks of life, struggling with narrow lanes and traffic, and this town comes alive with fairs and kills you with its extreme hot weather.

I happen to be this small town social worker with dreams, tinier than the cells in my body, but alive and teeming around, rearing to go. And now Online RTI is the place for me to be, with its big heart and dreams that comfort your soul – if just being good is all what you want.

So, what do I love doing? Singing my guts out, no matter whether I am good at it or not, is what I love. Haunting my spacious home with my poor ageing parents in it (I often hallucinate that I am dead . . .) and living my life to its fullest, which is expressed in my ever expanding and contracting waistline.

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