[Updated][Solved]How to get your copy of exam answer sheets


It is quite easy to get your RTI query sent off requesting for your certified copy of Answer/OMR

HOW-TO? Get Your Copy of Exam Answer Sheets through RTI

All you need to do is provide the following details and rest is taken care of and handled by OnlineRTI:

  • Name of Student:
  • Name of Exam:
  • Date of Exam:

This will get you a copy of your answer sheets mailed directly to your address.

We all have been there at least once in our lives. That frustrating moment when the marks we secured in the exam just didn't seem right. The fact is, that numerous competitive exams in India are conducted for entrance into undergraduate and post graduate professional courses as well as for securing services in the government in India every year. The test formats and subjects vary according to the level of the test. On top of that, lakhs of students write their board exams as well, every year.

RTI for exams

It is but natural, therefore, that in such a highly competitive atmosphere every mark secured is subject to close scrutiny. In an ideal world, every student should be happy with the marks secured by her.

But, in many cases, either due to high expectations or due to a failure in the procedure, the student is unhappy with the marks that she has secured

However, there is a silver lining to all of this. The Supreme Court of India, in the Civil Appeal No 6454/2011, has made it clear that students have the right to ask for a copy and inspect their answer sheets under th RTI Act. So much so, that all major examination bodies such as UPSC, AIIMS, SSC, CBSE and others including all government universities, come under the purview of the RTI Act. Therefore, these examination bodies are bound by law to provide the copies of a student's answer sheet when she applies for it under the RTI Act.

all major examination bodies such as <strong>UPSC, AIIMS, SSC, CBSE</strong> come under the RTI Act

The RTI Portal site of OnlineRTI addresses, helps, and comes to the aid of all these students with their grievances of having been cheated by the national examination system of our country. The online RTI application filing system is in place with a very simple procedure.

  • You fill in your RTI Application form with your details, particularly all your student and examination particulars, such as

    • Name,
    • Roll No., and
    • Examination name etc.

And the Online RTI portal service does the rest for you.

Online RTI files your application with the respective education board in a swift and efficient manner to ensure your problems and grievances are duly addressed and answered.

Online RTI files your RTI application

Students should not take the RTI process and system as something based on luck, but as a more concrete approach towards getting the information you need and resolving you problem with this solution to obtain the information to you need.

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