Get FIR Copy and FIR Status details


In pursuit of excellence and justice in India, you pursue the FIR direction, but then getting details on your FIR, is like pulling teeth.


But now, your RTI query request to file your Online RTI on the status of an FIR, requires just there pieces of information:

  • FIR Number ,
  • FIR Police Station , and
  • Date of FIR.

After you file your Online RTI Application, the respoonse on the status of your FIR in question will arrive at your address along with confirmation on the actions taken on it to date.

Pursuant to tremendous pressure from RTI activists, the Supreme Court, after a long deliberation, decided to allow the seeking of FIR copies under RTI. The only exception is that if the FIR information provided hampers an ongoing investigation.

However, if only the Indian police were to take the Supreme Court orders seriously, Indian Citizens would have enjoyed many postive changes in this regard.

The Fly in the FIR Ointment:

How often have we heard reports in the news and media of victims of sexual assault, burglary, chain-snatching, theft alleging that the police were 'reluctant' to register the FIR filed by such victims? Furthermore, in certain cases, the information on the status and the action that were taken on those FIR's were also withheld by the police authorities.

Many states have taken the initiative to make the process of filing an FIR and seeking relevant information on FIRs filed more transparent. A good example is that of the order passed by The Delhi High Court on December 6, 2010, that all FIRs filed should be uploaded online within 24 hours of its registration. But, that is not the practice in place in all states. This sort of transparency does not exist with most of the states. Unthil this transparency in place everywhere at all the states, an effective RTI application is the way to seek and obtain information and status update on FIRs.

Your FIR RTI Application:

When can you file an RTI Application for an FIR? You can file an RTI Application, mainly when:

  1. The information sought by you regarding the FIR after going to the police station was denied,
  2. You are uncertain about the day to day actions followed by the police based on your FIR, and
  3. You need a copy of the FIR for further legal proceedings.


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