Right to Inspect - 1/7 The Answer Book


By Kush Karla – Online RTI Writer, 23 December 2014

The Answer Book

An evaluated answer book of an examinee is a combination of two different pieces of 'information'. The first is the answers written by the examinee and second is the marks/assessment by the examiner.

When an examinee seeks inspection of her evaluated answer-books or seeks a certified copy of the evaluated answer-book, the information sought by her is not really the answers she has written in the answer-books (which she already knows), nor the total marks assigned for the answers (which has been declared).

What she really seeks is the information relating to the break-up of marks, that is, the specific marks assigned to each of her answers. When an examinee seeks 'information' by inspection/certified copies of her answer-books, she knows the contents thereof being the author thereof.

Kush Kalra

Kush Kalra

Kush is a practicing lawyer at Delhi High Court. He graduated from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, India in 2012 and has authored a total of 10 books on Law within a year - a National Record!

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