Thank you for the Wonderful year 2014!


Wishing you all A Very Happy Holiday Season - our clients / close to 50,000 RTI Applicants, our energetic dashing staff and the entire RTI community out there for having given us the opportunity to engage in a business with a cause . . .
Not too many enterprises are this lucky . . . Are they?
Thank you!

Every day is a new day for us at Online RTI - the RTI Factory, as some have come to fondly refer to us with our back-end RTI ERP System - and every application brings in a new twist to the already diverse applications and implementations of RTI in our country . . .

  • Businessmen dealing with a multitude of issues on their hands,
  • Students with their own woes with their exam papers and marks,
  • The Anxious Young folks eagerly awaiting their CAT results,
  • Housewives multi-tasking and handling the many issues,
  • Regular employees worried about their taxes, PF, etc.,
  • The Police Force with Law & Order and now with RTI too,
  • Officials seeing no end to the RTI requests to deal with,
  • Politicians using and being at the receiving end of RTI, and
  • Even Poets and Artists with their share of RTI involvements . . .

We all use and leverage the power of our RTI Act on a regular basis in our day-to-day lives.

We are thankful to one and all for the exciting times we are going through now in our country with RTI on our side.

The holidays are almost always just the time to reflect on the year past and try to plan and focus on the year to come . . .

And we are not very different here at Online RTI.

It has been a great year for us all at the company and so has it been for our loyal clients / RTI Applicants. And we are very grateful to all for the great year just past.

We have had our share of reflections of the past year and have had plannings galore for the year ahead . . .

We have helped most of our client / RTI Applicants with their RTI issues. And I must admit, we have had our share of problems too, with not having served our clients to their expectations.

One of our resolutions is to keep this to a minimum this coming year. And another resolve is toprovide a more comprehensive set of RTI services for our existing and new Clients / RTI Applicants.

We are in the process of finalizing a few plans on couple new solutions for the peoples of our nation and we can't just wait to release them to the masses.


Happy New Year to you all!

Go ye all into the New Year 2015 with God Speed, Good Cheer, and Great Joy!

Once again, thank you all . . .

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