Is it possible to get CAT 2014 raw score using RTI ?


IIM is a public authority and it comes under the purview of RTI Act.

Hon'ble Supreme Court by judgment in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Vs Aditya Bandopadhyay (2011) 11 SCR 1028, declared that all exam conducting bodies are bound to disclose answer sheets to the students or candidate.

IIM Indore is the exam conducting body of CAT 2014 hence under section 2(f) it should provide Raw score to applicants.

Last year almost 500 candidates filed RTI to know their Raw Score. IIM Indore declined to give them the Raw score. After that in response to a petition in Feb 2013 multiple High Courts (Delhi, Indore, Chennai) issued orders to IIM Indore to reveal the Raw score to candidates. This year after the court orders there are realistic chances that they will reveal the raw score to candidates.

We have listed three different ways of filing an RTI application.

1. Using Traditional Method

Take a paper and write your query. Go to the nearest post office and get Indian Postal Order (Rs.11). Send your query along with IPO via Registered Post (Rs.24) to IIM Indore. Total cost involved Rs.35

2. Using

This is a government website to file RTI application online. You can't file RTI directly to IIM indore. You need to file to MHRD and they will forward to IIM Indore. There will be a delay as your application needs to be transferred between departments. Cost of filing is Rs.10

3. Using

We have setup a dedicated page for CAT 2014. Enter your name, Registration Number and we will take care of the rest. We will create your RTI application, send it for your Approval. Once approved we will get the IPO (Indian Postal Order) and send your RTI application to IIM Indore via registered post. Our charges are Rs.99

Link to file RTI application -

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