How to get marksheet verification done through RTI


HOW-TO: Mark Sheet Verification through RTI

It is an alarming, but yet, not a surprising fact that many students get caught every year in a scam involving fake mark sheets. This in turn becomes a problem not only for other students with genuine mark sheets from the same university, but also for employers who do not have a lot of means at their disposal to verify the authenticity of a mark sheet.

In 2010, the United Kingdom even halted the student visa applications from North India under suspicions of students 'abusing the system'. If you were harbouring any doubt as to the state of this scam, this can give you an idea of how prevalent and harmful this practice really is.

HOW-TO: Mark Sheet Verification through RTI

To counter this problem many organizations have come up, who do the verification work for clients, especially big MNC's. Most of these firms are run by ex-defence or police personnel who are very efficient in their work. But, because it constitutes a lot of manual labour, they happen to be time consuming as well as expensive. Therefore, they are not ideal for students who want to verify their degree, nor for small businesses or local employers as part of their HR degree verification process.

Luckily enough for us though, under the Right to Information Act of 2005, one can ask for verification of his/her mark sheet from the university. This is also applicable in case of doubt on the authenticity of the degree, and cases where in the University mark sheets are on Recruitment Black lists, which many companies maintain.

In many cases, Universities do have a system in place to verify the mark sheets for a particular student and is especially necessary for the Universities embroiled in such scams. OnlineRTI has a system and set of tools in place to help insure that your pleas for a degree verification are heard by the University and they duly respond to your verification query in a timely manner.

What can you ask for –

  1. Mark sheet verification from the University (Govt. University)
  2. Queries about suspected fake mark sheets. You will need to provide mark sheet details such as person to whom it belongs to etc.
HOW-TO: Mark Sheet Verification through RTI

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