How To - Get your IRCTC cancelled ticket refund with RTI?


RTI can actually help in speeding up the process of your IRCTC ticket refund. If you have a ticket to be refunded and initiated the refund process, you could ask the status of the same using RTI.

Online ticket booking is meant for making the ticket booking process easy and quick. Gone are those days, where you stand in queue for hours together to book your train ticket. Booking a ticket with IRCTC too has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it makes things easier on one side, it also has its own drawbacks like any other website, especially when there is a delay in the payment page. Because of a minor technical glitch, your payment might be unsuccessful or it may take time to return to the merchant page, or it never comes back.

This is when you need to wait for the same to be refunded for days together. The time-frame for which is unpredictable and is not written anywhere. Not all the time, the government officials are good enough to stick on to their time limits. RTI can help you know the status of the money that has to be refunded.

All that you need to know to get the status of the refund are

  • Ticket number
  • Date of travel
  • Place of travel
  • Names of the passengers

We at OnlineRTI understand the pain and frustration caused due to governmental and procedural inefficiency. We believe every citizen of this country has the right to be answered for his queries from the government.

In case of IRCTC ticket refund cases, we have successfully handled several such cases. The government authorities were not only questioned, but they were scared enough to speed up the refund process too. Your RTI is filed to the PIO within 2-3 working days. Our RTI procedures and fees are very transparent.

How To - Get your IRCTC cancelled ticket refund with RTI?](

To see how we can leverage the power of RTI to help solve your query for IRCTC refund, contact us or apply for an RTI now

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