RTI helps in getting back the defrauded amount


By Himadri Gosh

Bangalore: About a year and half ago, JP Shah’s friend suddenly received an SMS saying Rs. 18,500 has been deducted from State Bank of Mysore, Belapur, while his friend had his ATM card in Junagadh which was nearly 700 kms away. It was a case of fraudulent ATM transaction.

Mr Shah’s friend filed a complaint with State Bank Of India (SBI), Junagadh followed by an RTI to State Bank of Mysore (SBM) seeking the CCTV Footage of their ATM in Belapur.

The RTI response given by the bank had the CCTV footage along with the reports generated by the ATM. Initially, his SBI account reported to have had a failed transaction, where the money was debited in his account but no money was disbursed at the ATM. But with the authentic information received from the RTI response of SBM and their reports, proved the SBI officials to be wrong.

SBI ordered to reimburse the full amount, but amount, but and the sanction of claim were inordinately delayed in LHO Ahmedabad.
Again RTIs were filed to examine the status. Based on the responses the claimer lodged a detailed complaint to the bank’s corporate office in Mumbai. On 17-04-2015 bank refunded the amount.

As per SBI manual, such claims should be settled within 33 days from date of complaint, but this case was delayed for over a year. Nevertheless, this is an impeccable instance of the power of RTI, and how it amplifies the voice of the unheard.

Himadri Gosh is a freelance journalist based out of Bangalore.

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