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By Himadri Ghosh

Bangalore : Mr. Suresh Ram, a mica labourer of Giridih, Jharkhan, got his EPF issues fixed using RTI and filing appeals.

For months, Suresh Ram remained unheard; the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) officials of Ranchi region out rightly ignore his pension application.

Back in 2010, Ram was granted pension by the office of the Assistant Commissioner In-charge’s pension section office of the EPFO, Ranchi. The letter from EPFO’s office was dispatched after 32 days vide dispatch no. 2189 mailed to Suresh Ram residence.

But Suresh Ram hasn't received any letter from EPFO’s office and requested the issuing authority for a duplicate copy of Pension Payment Order (PPO). Doing so, Ram didn’t get any response from the authority.

Subsequently, Ram submitted a petition to the EPFO supported with an affidavit for the issuance of a second copy but even here, the EPFO officials didn’t take any cognizance of the issue.

He is running from dead pillar to dead post. It was then, the matter has been raised by his friend and an RTI application was filled to the Public Information Office (PIO) of the EPFO Ranchi on 25th of March 2010. Ram did not get any response from the concerned authority but he filed before the Central Information Commission (CIC).

CIC took the matter in right perspective and directed the PIO to furnish complete and correct information by 26/09/2010 and also directed the involved authority for written explanation for the negligence. The PIO hurriedly send the PPO of Ram to Punjab national Bank, Giridih with a copy to the RTI applicant.

CIC’s stance to clean up administration and bring in transparency was commendable and should be loud in every possible manner.

Himadri Ghosh is a Bangalore based freelancer

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