BMC earns a chunk by collecting fine amount, reveals RTI


Bangalore: RTI reveals that the H/E ward of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) collect over lakhs of rupees by punishing the litterbugs for throwing garbage and spitting on the roads, every year.

According to the RTI reply given by the Public Information Officer (PIO) on March 23, within a span of two years and three months, the H/E ward has registered cases and fined total number of 12,356 citizens for either littering or spitting on the road.

From January 2013 till March 2015, the H/E ward has collected total amount of Rs 18, 36,570 by punishing 12, 356 offenders. According to the reply given by the officer of Solid Waste Management department, Hiraman Puradkar, Rs 5, 68,070 were collected from 3,747 offenders in 2013. While, in the year 2014, Rs 9, 81,700 were collected from 6,614 offenders and in the year 2015 till March, Rs 2, 86,800 were collected from 1,995 offenders. According to the BMC rule they fine Rs 100 for littering or spitting on the road.

Recently, as part of Swachh Baharat Abhiyan, Mumbai ranked at 140 out of 476 cities surveyed for maintaining cleanliness. Looking at the increasing number of offenders in one of the 24 administrative wards in Mumbai, the question arises that will the city ever be litter free? If one of the administrative wards has over 12 thousand offenders, how many will be the total number of offenders in 24 wards?

In June, the report from State Government announced that the first time offenders will have to pay Rs 1,000 fine and also perform one day community service. While, the penalty will increase for the second time offenders with a fine of Rs 3,000 along with three day community service to perform and third time offenders will be paying Rs 5,000 fine and community service of 5 days.

BMC earns a chunk by collecting fine amount, reveals RTI

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