RTI reveals - CCTV not installed in BEST buses


Mumbai: The RTI application on CCTV cameras installed in the BEST buses reveals that there are no cameras installed in the double decker buses in the Mumbai city. No safety measures are taken by the authority for installing CCTV cameras till date.

Last year in August, there has been an incident in the Kalachowki area where a women was allegedly molested in the BEST bus, but police officials could not investigate the case due to non-functioning of CCTV. The incident should have been an eye opener to the authority to not only install the CCTV cameras, but also do regular maintenance of the cameras.

In response to the question of how many BEST buses have CCTV cameras installed till April 2015, the authority revealed that out of 120 double decker buses, none of them have CCTV cameras installed for the commuter’s safety. While, some of the DD buses which have dummy cameras installed are not functional.

According to the RTI reply given by A.J.Shelar, PIO and Assistant General Manager of BEST, on April 27, of the total 4,157 buses in the city, 3,950 single decker buses have installed CCTV cameras and are in working condition while, of the remaining 207 buses which do not have CCTV cameras installed in it, 120 comprises of double decker buses and 87 single decker buses.

A source from BEST department said that they still have to decide about where they can install CCTV cameras and digital video recorder in the double decker buses which will record the videos inside the buses. Some double decker buses which has dummy CCTV cameras installed are not functional because they are not connected with the digital video recorder.

Replying about the A.C buses, the authority revealed that 279 buses have functional CCTV cameras.

RTI reveals - CCTV not installed in BEST buses

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