OnlineRTI applicant creates a revolution


Bangalore: Mr. Prashant Burge, who filed an RTI application through OnlineRTI, was rewarded Rs. 10,000 from the National Highway Authority of India, for exposing overcharging toll operator through RTI.

Mr. Burge, filed an RTI to Ministry of Road and Highway Transport regarding imposing penalty against toll collecting agencies for collecting over charge fees for various vehicles from July 2014.

“My RTI was responded within 30 days. It was great filing through which is a great service to the citizens of India. I would love to file more and more applications through this portal”, says Mr. Burge.

The RTI response, revealed that the user fee was being charged at Rs. 20 and Rs 40, whereas it should have been Rs.15 and Rs.35 respectively.

The revolutionary response received by Mr. Burge, is in the limelight now. All the leading newspapers have picked up this story. is an online service to file your RTI application. You can file RTI Online to any government department in India.

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