OnlineRTI applicant gets his money refunded from RTO Bangalore


By Himadri Ghosh

Mr Rajendra Boddu filed an RTI application through OnlineRTI, to know the status of his application for refund of road tax paid in Bangalore. Just after 40 days (of filing the RTI application), Mr. Boddu received a cheque of Rs. 54,000 from RTO, Bangalore.

Rounds and rounds at the broker’s office but nothing helped Rajendra Boddu from getting back his road tax refund. But surprisingly, Rajendra got his refund due and yet again, RTI proved to be an important tool in the Indian democracy.

A year back, Rajendra moved to Hyderabad from Bangalore. He took his car (Swift) with him and got it registered with the Attapur Regional Transport Office (RTO), Hyderabad.

The car was previously registered with the Indiranagar RTO, Bangalore, under the name of Rajendra’s wife Sridevi Dandu. While registering with the Indiranagar RTO, Rajendra paid Rs. 80000 as road tax for his car.

According to the RTO rules when vehicles are re-registered, owners are subjected to a refund with the same amount the owner paid for his/her cars’ new registration.

Like most of the Indians, Rajendra contacted a broker before going to the authority for claiming the road tax refund, which he paid in the Indiranagar RTO.

After spending more than Rs. 7000 on the broker, Rajendra's fate was still far from getting the refund.

It was then; Rajendra came across the OnlineRTI portal and made his mind to file an RTI application. He filed an RTI with OnlineRTI, enquiring about the reasons for the delay in taking action in settling his claim.

Within forty days of filing the application, to his surprise, Rajendra received a cheque amounting Rs. 54000. This is an impeccable account of RTI’s success which helped Rajendra to get back his refund.

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OnlineRTI applicant  gets his money refunded from RTO Bangalore

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