Things that everyone should know about RTI


RTI can be used to obtain any information that is available with government authorities in the form of documents or in any electronic format. RTI act was laid down by the government, to provide a practical regime to exercise right to information. “Information” includes; copies of documents, inspection of documents, digital documents and records.

Placing a request for any such information, should be simple and understandable by the Public Information Officer (PIO).

A perfect example for requesting a particular information is as follows; Please provide the outline/map of the road. (PIO's reaction - Thank god! I know exactly where this record is, and will just ask someone to get a xerox of the same and send it right away)

While no specific format is written on requesting any information, it is necessary that a question should be asked in such a way that the PIO can easily locate the information. Not all questions can be answered by the PIO, and hence statements like “why” “what” “how” and asking for reason should be thoroughly avoided.

Here’s an example for a question that has very low chances of getting a response; Please provide reasons for keeping my application “on hold” for such a long period. (PIO's reaction - How will I know the reason for something, I'm not involved in?) is an online service to file your RTI application. You can file RTI Online to any government department in India.

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