Maharashtra Police spends Rs 5.3 Cr to check noise level, reveals RTI


The RTI application filed by a 14-year-old RTI activist, reveals that the Maharashtra State Police has spent Rs 5.3 Cr to purchase the sound meter, that checks the noise level in the area.

The RTI activist, Sparsh Khanchandani, has been working towards spreading awareness about the increase in the level of noise pollution in the state. To check if the police officers have the sound meters to keep an eye on increasing noise level, the young Brand Ambassador of Hirali Foundation, NGO filed an RTI application with the Maharashtra State Police department.

According to the RTI, the Maharashtra State Police has twice purchased a sound meter to check the noise decibel level in various regions of the state.

In the year 2010 to 2011, they purchased 372 sound meters whereas, in the year 2012 to 2013, they purchased 17 sound meters for the state. The 372 sound meters were brought by spending Rs 5, 22, 28, 800 and 17 sound meters were brought by spending Rs 17,13,600.

The sound meters have been distributed in 44 different regions in Maharashtra, of which maximum number of sound meters (24 sound meters) have been distributed in Thane rural area. This is then followed by the Nashik rural area (23 sound meters) and Pune rural area (22 sound meters). According to the data, Mumbai city police department has only 5 sound meters since 2010.

The RTI further reveals that, the sound meters are purchased from the company through public tenders and the police officers get free training on how to use the sound meter to check the noise decibel level. Further, the maintenance and distribution of the sound meter is carried out by the respective police officials under whom the sound meters are kept for the regular use.

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