Activists in Assam demands online RTI portal for State Govt Depts


To save time from filing RTI applications, the RTI activists of Assam have filed an online petition, ‘Exclusive Online RTI Portal for Assam’ on The petition has received 37 signatures from the citizens who support to have online RTI portal for the state of Assam.

According to the members of Facebook group named RTI Workers' Forum and Whatsapp group named RTI Assam Group, they want to request the government of Assam, to bring the entire government department under the online portal. This will help the activist not only save their time, but also help in saving physical work of going to the department or post office, non wastage of papers as well as money.

The online petition was started two weeks ago. The petition also stated that there is lack of Rs 10 Indian Postal Order (IPO) in the post offices. While Rs 10 IPO is one of the basic requirement for filing the RTI application through registered post. Apart from that, the details of Public Information Officers across the state government departments are unavailable to the public.

While the Central Government of India launched an online RTI portal in August 2013, during the inauguration, the Former Union Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, V. Narayanasamy, had announced that he will be writing a letter to all state governments asking them to follow this facility which intends to strengthen people.

What are the benefits of online RTI portal?

  • Save time and money of traveling.
  • RTI fees can be paid through internet banking.
  • No exchange of papers.
  • Alert of tracking the application on mobile/website.

If you wish to support the Assam RTI activist and bring the change in their RTI application process sing the petition on –Exclusive Online RTI Portal for Assam

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