7 Ways you can use RTI to develop your locality

1. Road cut

Are you sick of dug up roads? Is corporation ignoring your request to fix it? File a Right to Information application to get it fixed. Such roads not only slow traffic but also endanger life of bikers.

A 15 min process would save yours and millions of others time and life. An RTI seeking details of agencies responsible for road cutting and status of its restoration can fix the problem. As per the rule, any agencies that digs up the road should either fix it or pay for its restoration to respective corporation.

There are umpteen instances about RTI forcing government to take action and restore the road.

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2. Unscientific and irregular speed breaker

If you find a needless and unscientific speed breaker that is leading to slow traffic and increased noise pollution, ask traffic police if that speed breaker was authorised by the government. And if not, demand its removal. All of this just by filing a Right to Information application from home.

As per government rules, each speed breaker have to be notified before it is laid. However, in practice local residents and politician do it without the permission of traffic police. An RTI seeking copy of notification issued for the particular speed breaker could solve your problem

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3. Use of MPLAD/MLALAD Fund

Our Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) receive Rs 5 crore and Rs 2 crore respectively (MLA fund varies from state to state) for developing their constituency by way of building roads, supply of potable water, flyover, schools and health centres.

The request for such works comes for local people, however, in many cases these works are given to benefit the family and friends of the elected members. File an RTI to know how the fund which is meant for you is being used.

Take corrective action if you find unjustified use of funds by filing a complaint with the information obtained under RTI.

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4. Garbage Collection

Is your area stinking? Are you sick of seeing the pile of garbage dumped in front your home every day? Have corporation guys forgotten to clear the dump? File an RTI to fix the problem.
An RTI seeking reason for non-clearance of the dump and name of the official responsible for the dereliction of duty would help you fight your case. In many instances such RTI from citizens alerts and compels authority to take immediate action.

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5. Petty crime/eve teasing

An RTI can also help you sanitise your area from anti-social elements. There are areas which are not safe for women after sunset. Usually, the local police identify such areas and deploy a beat constable or patrolling vehicle to keep check on criminals.

File an RTI with the local police station seeking information if a beat constable or patrolling vehicle has been assigned the task. The information would help you swing the police in action if they have not been doing it.

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6. Funds Utilization/status in Govt. projects

If you find a government development project pending for years or if you suspect substandard work done by the contractor, use RTI to expose the corruption. The information obtained under the RTI can be used to file complaint to speed up and improve the quality of work

Similar application can also be filed with the Gram Panchayats seeking all the details of a scheme implemented in the village. Gram panchayats receive huge money under different scheme for the development of the village but most of it is lost in corruption.

An RTI seeking details of its utilisation in past can put a check on the leakage of funds also fix accountability on the officials involved.

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7. Complaint follow up RTI

Last but not the least!!

Pressurise authorities to process and resolve your request or complaint through RTI.
Mostly, authorities just sit on your complaints and requests for months even when there are clear rules for clearing any grievances coming from citizens.

An RTI asking the details of concerned rules and the official responsible for executing can get the work done. Since replying to such RTI queries for an official is nothing less than accepting recklessness on their part, authorities prefer to address the complaint than reply to RTI.

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