RTI Application Format


Do you always think of filing an RTI application, but didn’t have any idea about the format of the application?

Then this article is a stop to all your queries. It will make you accustomed to the format and process of filing an RTI application.

RTI Application Format

Application Draft

There is no format for an RTI application

It is just that your application should be drafted in a way that gives a clear idea about the information you are seeking from the officer. It should be addressed to the Public Information Officer of the department/ division you are seeking information from. Although, your application is generally forwarded to the concerned department if the information is not available with the addressee but it is advisable to send your application to concerned department to save the time of forwarding.

Also, to ease the process for finding information it should mention about the timeline pertaining to the required information. If the application is for the inspection of records, it should be mentioned in the application categorically and inquire about a suitable time for the same.

RTI Application Format

Application Fee

An applicant is exempted from the application fee of ₹10 if they belong to BPL category. In that case, attach a proof for the same, otherwise mention about the mode of payment for the RTI application with the receipt number and date of payment.

Applicant Details

As you will receive your reply through post, it is important to mention your complete postal address in the application. And most importantly, do not forget to sign and write your name at the bottom of the application.

This is all about the format of an RTI application. Although it is quite like a normal application, but it takes a cumbersome amount of time to draft a legal application and find the concerned PIO having your information. But there is nothing to worry about it, a team of activists from “OnlineRTI.com” are doing it for us at a nominal cost and made the process of RTI a cakewalk.

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