Simplifying Complexity to File RTI Online


RTI or Right To Information, is a standout amongst the most vital apparatuses that citizens can use to look for any sort of information from Government workplaces. In spite of the fact that RTI came into power couple of years back, not many individuals have utilized this tool to access most generic piece of information. The most compelling reason for that is – numerous don't know how to process it or avoid it as they think mechanism to file RTI Online is confusing and complicated.

Let’s see step wise procedure where most people fail to file RTI Online:

Steps to File RTI Online:

Before starting you must be very clear with your sets of information you are querying to RTI or else your application would most likely be rejected, thus making process to file RTI online a tricky one.


  • 2.You can start by sign-up/login or can continue as a guest. If you continue as a guest and can able to reach till payment option, our team will automatically create login id so that you can directly do payment in later stage. Still the best option is to do via sign-up/login so that you don’t need to worry about the loss of information or repeating the entire process.


  • 3.Once you are done with the login, you will get the below screen. Here you will be asked your personal details that mainly includes first & last name, email & contact information for receiving further communication and address for getting hard-copy of the requested information.


  • 4.On clicking ‘Next’, you will be directed to a screen where you need to provide your RTI queries. Basic set of guidance is written in the text-box so it is easy to navigate. There are two ways to do: by selecting from existing RTI list or you can create your own. This form can hold up to 3,000 characters.

If your request is matching from the list, you don’t need to worry about RTI format since here you will have respective information fields which are well managed. This won’t be the case when you create your own.


For e.g.: Say you are creating RTI for IRCTC Refund. Over here you need to enter information related to travel and few basic questions. Even if you don’t know, you can skip and go ahead.


  • 5.After clicking on ‘Next’ you will be landing on the below page. Along with this, an email will also be delivered with RTI application number. If you are confident that the information you have requested has no further modifications, you can click on ’Proceed to Payment’.


If you think some edit has to be done, you can click 'Edit your App', on left most corner. It will allow you to change the details. Upon completion you can click on 'Done'.


On the off chance that your application surpasses 3,000 characters, or in the event that you have to submit supporting documents to the application, click ‘Add attachment’. You can transfer a pdf document up to 1MB in size with your request and after that you can proceed to payment.

On clicking ‘proceed to payment’, the payment gateway will allow you to do the payment with multiple modes.


  • 6.Upon successful payment, all details will be emailed for your convenience. You can check the status of your RTI application on this page.

Important Note: When you are finished with the application procedure, a unique application number will be provided, which might be used by the applicant for any future reference with OnlineRTI.

Hopefully, the process to file RTI online is clear now and will be helpful for future reference.

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