Online RTI Application - A Complex Process Simplified


OnlineRTI assists with the procedure of filing online RTI application. They streamline RTI for each Indian resident, regardless of location, social strata, or financial background. This group has made it workable for each citizen to utilize their entitlement to look for data in an extremely basic way.

Potential of Online RTI application:

  • If you are somehow able to analyze the power of information one can have with RTI in respect to different democracies around the globe, RTI works extremely well in India. Today, every government office is required to have a committed PIO (Public Information Officer) whose essential obligation is to properly react to each RTI application.

  • There is additionally a procedure of first and second appeals to the respective redrafting powers for all government bodies. If there should be an occurrence of a postponement in the reaction or an unsatisfactory reaction to an RTI application, the RTI applicant can apply for a first appeal and consequently for a second appeal with the State or Central Information Commission. These requests are a part of the procedure of escalating the RTI appeal procedure.

  • The RTI Act, so to speak has made this privilege of getting info out of a govt. authority, into a right of every Indian (PIO and OCI card holders, included) to get his/her inquiries replied by the administration and related associations in comprehensive way.

But it is bit of a complicated process to file an RTI in the first place, which needs to be simplified. But how?

Simplifying the Online RTI Application process:

  • came into existence to simplify the complexity of filing an RTI.

  • We had observed that the RTI application format for each state was different and also the fee structure and payment process differed from state to state.

  • This was further complicated by the fact that a lot of states didn't include certain departments under the purview of online applications. For instance, state of Maharashtra, doesn't allow for filing a RTI request with regards to the municipal bodies via the online route.

  • But.... We have simplified things to a great extent. We have a simple application form anyone can submit is simple/basic English. Our team will then call them up and understand the query in detail and take it form the application on their behalf - taking care of all the legalities and formats and technicalities of an RTI application.

  • It doesn't matter if you state allows for an Online application facility or not. With, filing an RTI is a very-very simple task.

  • Today, a normal user spends about 5-10 minutes at max, on our platform for an online RTI application. OnlineRTI's internal team does all the hard word of drafting the application in the accepted language, format and payment of fees.

  • Till date, we have served nearly 3 lakh + RTI applications.

rti application online format exlained

Current Issues Plaguing RTI as a whole:

  • There are diverse standards with respect to the number of words an application can have. RTI necessities to get formalized across the nation and these state-to-state diverse models should be removed. There ought to be only one arrangement of guidelines for the entire of India, autonomous of states and government workplaces.

  • Another real issue that candidates face is outdated locations of numerous administration workplaces on their sites. This needs to change and nationals need to keep overhauled about these progressions every once in a while. Such carelessness on government's part isn't worthy. Residents would advantage a ton if sites were upgraded intermittently. Likewise, according to Section 4(1) of RTI Act 2005, government bodies ought to uncover however much data as could reasonably be expected on their sites, yet this has not yet been executed.

Do Note: With - you need not worry about any of the above issues - as that is all our look-out and we will take care of all those problems with the system of RTI.

Future Scope of Online RTI:

With increasing Internet penetration in India and reducing prices of smart phones, more people now have access to the Internet. But we don’t have enough locals content related to RTI available online. The Government needs to take steps to have their information available in both local languages as well as in English for Online RTI application.

Endeavors should be made to educate the employees involved with Online RTI application procedure. There should be more Information Commissioners to maintain a considerable rundown of pending appeal cases. Accessible assets should be utilized wisely to clear claims as speedy as possible.

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