RTI Status: How to Track RTI Application Status?


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The Right to Information Act 2005 permits every Indian citizen to gain access to any information from the public authorities. Under the RTI Act of 2005, a citizen can apply for inspection or government records, ask for any information regarding a project being carried out by the government, ask for information regarding delay in IT refunds, passports etc.

The citizens can exercise their Right to Information by submitting an RTI Application to their respective Public Information Officers. Alternatively you can even submit the RTI application online, from within the comfort of your home! But what after you have filed the RTI? You need to know the RTI Status of your application.

Here’s what you need to do, once you have submitted the RTI Application in order to know your RTI Status.

Track Your RTI Status: Offline Method

If you have submitted the application through offline to your public information officer, you need to follow this method to track the status of your application.

Please note that the Public Information Officer has an allotted period of 30 days to respond to your application. Only if your application hasn’t received a response after the 30 day window, you must use this method. If 30 days aren’t over yet, we recommend you wait for the authorities to respond.
However, in case 30 days are over since you submitted the application and still your PIO has not replied, you can file a First Appeal with the First Appellate Authority for "deemed denial" of information.

Track RTI Application Status: Online Method

If you have submitted an RTI Application online to the Central Government, you can track your RTI online Status in just three simple steps using the following method:

Step 1: Visit the RTI Online Govt. Portal

In order to track your RTI online Application Status online, you need to visit the following page:

Step 2: Fill up the Form for RTI Status

As soon as you visit the page, a form will be in front of you.

rti online status tracking form

Fill up the form by entering your registration number, Registered email ID and the security code that is displayed In a box below.

Step 3: Recheck and Click Submit

Re-check the registration number and email ID you have just entered for any possible errors. If you are sure that the entered details are correct, click on the Submit option. In case of some errors in the details entered, click on Reset.

That is all on your part! As soon as you click on the submit button, you will be notified about your RTI Application Status.

Note: If you have filed your RTI query via OnlineRTI.com, you can can also complete Online RTI Status check on our website. Simply Click Here to Track your Online RTI Application Status and you are set.

track online rti application status at OnlineRTI.com

You will also find OnlineRTI Track page to be more simplified and user-friendly as compared to the central government’s status page.

For instance, you will get updates on the progress and status of your application, like this:



Moreover, you can even check the details of the Online RTI application we have filed on your behalf, from within the Tracking interface.

rti status - application description

...And, you can even download your application as well.

download your RTI application from the status check as well

How to check RTI status is 3 easy steps

So, If you are looking to file an RTI you can also apply for RTI online right here.

The Right to Information is a right given by law and every citizen must exercise this right if the need arises. We are always here to help you out so feel free to get in touch or explore our forum for more.

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