What is the RTI Application format?


Every citizen of India acquired the right to information in the year 2005 under the Right to Information Act. As most of you might be aware, under this act, every citizen has the right to demand certain information from the government. An individual might apply for information regarding certain documents or can even apply to physically inspect government records, among other things.

There are two ways of filing an RTI;

  • either by submitting an online application or
  • by submitting an application offline.

In both the cases, certain format should be followed.

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It is possible that your state might have a prescribed format under its RTI Rules. Some states mandate that the RTI application be sent in that particular format only.

Incase you wish to know about the RTI Application format in English that you can follow, then here’s the template.

You can also file RTI in Hindi or the official regional language of the state. RTI can be filed in Hindi only with union or state government where the official language is hindi. Some of the states that accept applications in Hindi are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and others.

RTI Application Format in English:

If your state allows and you wish to file an RTI in English, below is the RTI Application format in English:


Date: ________

*By speed/regd. AD post *


Dept/Office________________________ Place______________________________

1. Name of the Applicant:

2. Full Address of the Applicant[with phone No.]:

3. Particulars of the information you required from the public authority:

4. Details of how you are going to pay the filing fees:

5. Details of enclosures:

6.After all the above mentioned details are given, write the following lines: ‘Please send the information to me by speed/registered post. I am an Indian citizen. Please reply in English.’

7. Also write: ‘Please also provide me file notings and ‘action taken’ report on this application along with your reply.’

Signature of the Applicant

Once you have written the application after following the above mentioned RTI Application Format in English, attach the filing fee of Rs. 10/- if you are submitting the application by post.

However, if you are applying online, then various payment methods will be available to you. If you wish to know how to submit an RTI Application online... check this out.

Points to Remember while filing an RTI Application:

  • Stick to one subject per application.

  • In case large information is required, it is advised to submit application for few of them. Ideally limit it to 5 related queries only. Upon getting the information, submit another and then third application. This may result in paying multiple fees and can be time consuming, but is an effective method.

  • Ensure to point to any government records or specific files if possible.

  • Remember to ask for free copy of citizen charter of govt. office to be supplied with reply.

  • You can also mention your mobile numbers in your application. While all communication should be done in writing, having a contact number might help speed up the response, if the officer needs to get in touch - It is not compulsory to give your number, however.

  • Be clear, firm and to the point with your application but also be courteous. Always give serial number to query and avoid an essay type application.

  • Ensure the information asked is related to smaller time duration else it's likely to be rejected, for being a request for voluminous information.

  • Don’t forget to ask for photocopy of file notings pertaining to your matter or application.

  • If you know any section of RTI act or decisions of CIC/State Information Commission, which are in favour of your query, mention the same at the end of the respective query as [refer CIC decision No.____________dtd.______or refer section _______of RTI Act. etc]

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