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There are two ways of submitting an RTI Application, online through a web Portal or offline by submitting the application to the Public Information Officer of your area / department the query pertains to. Under the RTI Act 2005, a citizen may ask for any sort of information from the government if he/she desires.

You can submit your RTI application in the form of a written application or by filling up an RTI Application form online. Although the RTI Act 2005 is almost similar throughout the country, every state has different norms and guidelines for seeking RTI Information.

You can refer to the state-wise table found in #11 over here, to better understand the format and payment procedure applicable in your state.

The format in which the application must be submitted is different for each state, as well as the payment modes accepted. However, there are some states which do not have a prescribed format, if your state is one of them and you wish to know the general format of filing an RTI Application, Click here.

It isn’t necessary to seek RTI Information in English; you can submit an RTI application in any language.

Major Issues in getting RTI Information easily:

  1. Filing an RTI application isn’t 100% free as there is some nominal fee that has to be paid along with the RTI application. Again, different states have different payment methods and if you fail to make the payment from the method prescribed by the state, chances are your application might be rejected.

  2. But a common and major problem is in finding which government - state or central and then to which department to send the RTI request. Typically one would needs to find out if a particular nature or request falls under central government or state government. Also, finding the govt. department responsible for that specific issue and then finding the exact address of that office is also not an easy task, given the way things are in our country.

  3. Another point that needs to be taken care of is about the questions and the way you ask them in the application.

  4. If you fail to ask questions in a proper way, your application might be rejected on account of ambiguity. It is therefore best to frame your questions in simple and to the point manner. With such complicated methods involved in submitting an RTI Application, the question is what is the easiest way to get RTI Information?

Well, Here is the Easiest Way to Get RTI Information:

Well, actually there is a way to file your RTI within the comfort of your home, not worrying about the format, fees or the way the questions are asked.

The entire process of seeking RTI Information becomes pretty easy, and believe us, it does!

1 . You simply need to visit Onlinerti.com and click on “Apply now”.

Click here to Apply now

A simple form will be given to fill in your details. Do note - Personal details like name and address is required, since the govt./authorities will send the RTI response to that address. So ensure you give the correct info.

apply for RTI online - simplest form ever

2. Pick from easy Pre-defined categories and their forms.

pick the RTI request templates - so easy and simple

Pick the Category for your RTI and you will get a Very Simple Form to fill up. Nothing legal, nothing too difficult.

Let’s say for instance you want to know about the status and the Funds allotted for a Road Repair work or an ongoing flyover, that never seems to get completed. Then simply pick the Social RTI category and the RTI Query for Funds used in a Scheme/Project Option and the simple form will appear.

fill the nature of RTI Online in simple words

Just fill this and proceed to a simple payment process.

3. Pay the fees.

Yes you can do it online and even with your PAYTM wallet. How easier can it get?

online RTI request fee payment via Paytm wallet

Here’s why we charge for RTI filing services

Our services includes all the below mentioned:

Once you have completed the 3 step process, our team of experts will take care of all the hassles of submitting your RTI application:

  • Once you submit your basic query and information to us, we will call you up and understand the query in detail - This can be in Hindi as well as English.
  • We will then identify the government - state or central to whom to address the query.
  • We also take care of finding the address of the office and the officer to whom the query needs to be address.
  • We will be drafting and translating your RTI request in the language acceptable in your state for such applications.
  • We will process the information you have submitted and format it as per what is fit for your state, and submit the application.
  • We pay the fees with the correct payment method acceptable in your state.
  • We have a team of lawyers who will make sure that your application is impeccable and has no chances of rejection.
  • You can even track your application on our portal itself, using our Tracking system, which is seamless and user-friendly.
  • You don’t need to leave the comforts of your home, at all.

We hope the above method suggested in seeking RTI information was helpful to you and that you get a quick response to your RTI query.

Feel free to explore our website for more RTI Information queries and in case you have any questions, you can even visit our forum. We will be more than happy to help out

Have a nice day!

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