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Citizens of India got Right to Information in 2005 and since then, they have been empowered. They can now seek any information from the Government and can also physically inspect the documents of the government if he/she wishes to do so. To add to it’s power, with internet available almost everywhere, it is now possible to exercise your Right to Information Act even online.

How to File RTI Online

Step 1: Registering with the Official RTI Website of the Government

The Central government has launched an official website where you can submit an RTI application related to departments/bodies under the Centre. Simply copy paste the following link to your web browser:

Once there, look for the "Signup Here" option and click on it.

Step 2: Filling up the Form

As soon as you click on the option you will be taken to another web page where you will see a digital form in front of you. Fill up the form carefully, providing correct details.

Also, make sure that the eMail ID and the Mobile Number you provide are valid so that you can receive notifications and SMS alerts once you file your RTI. Once you have entered all the details, click on the Submit option.

how to file RTI online in simple steps

Step 3: Getting the Activation ID and using it in the next form

You will now receive a confirmation email which will state that you have successfully created your account with the RTI website. Also, you will receive an activation ID via email. Enter this activation ID in the next form that will now be in front of you after the previous form. With this, you will succeed at creating your account with the official RTI Website.

Step 4: Filing the Request

Now, login from your RTI Account and click on the Submit Request button. You will see another digital form; this is your RTI application. Fill in this form correctly to file RTI online and click on the Submit option.

You will need to frame your questions very carefully and to the point aimed at the right person and department. Even a slightest mistake will lead to your application being rejected.

Step 5: Making Payment

Your RTI request won’t reach the authorities unless you make the required payment. The amount to be paid is nominal, of Rs 10. Pay this amount via the online request payment form which will now be in front of you. Choose the payment option, click on Pay and you will receive an SMS which will confirm the success of your application.

The authorities will now review your RTI application and in case additional fee is required,the Central Public Information Officer will notify you through the RTI portal.

You will be issued a unique registration number once you make the payment. Make sure you keep this receipt number in a safe place as this number will be needed while tracking the status of your RTI application.


Filing an RTI can be tricky as there are rules and formats which need to be followed. If you fail to take care of even a simple pointer, your application will be rejected.

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