How Online RTI helps you to file your RTI Application Easily?


Transparency is the essence of a democratic nation and certain elements such as corruption and unaccountability prevent a nation from being truly democratic. Under the Right to Information Act 2005, every Indian citizen has the right to demand valuable information from the government. Information such as allocation of funds for a project, streetlights, irrigation etc. can be asked by filing an RTI.

It is mandatory for the government to respond to your query and the government authority will be penalized if it refuses to respond to an RTI Application. However, filing an RTI is not that easy, as it may sound. It is a complicated process which involves a number of steps and if you fail to file an RTI correctly, your application will be rejected.

Have a look at the points mentioned below to find out about the various problems encountered while filing an RTI.

Problems to Tackle while Filing an RTI Application

  • Different States have Different Rules

The RTI is applicable in all states of India except for the states of Jammu and Kashmir. Each state has its own set of rules while implementing the Right to Information Act 2005.

Things like - the language in which the application has to be written, the application fees, the format of writing an RTI Application is different in all states. It is not necessary that one central rule will be followed by every state. Not complying to the rules of the state will lead to rejection of your RTI Application.

  • Choice of Questions

This is perhaps the most challenging part of an RTI Application. Special care has to be taken while framing the questions; the wrong question can lead to rejection of your application. It is very important that the questions are asked in a simple and direct manner, so that the person who receives the application understands the questions in a glance.

For example: You wish to enquire about the construction of a bridge which has been going on for months. In such a scenario, it would be improper to ask...

"Why is the bridge not completed yet?" or “Are there corrupt practices going on in the construction of the bridge?” ...

Apart from being rude, both these questions are unclear as to the information that is being demanded from the authority. The most appropriate question to ask at such a time will be…

"When will the said construction project be completed" or if your concern is corruption, the question should be “What is the allocated budget for this project?” “Who has been allotted the project and what is the deadlines?”...

It is always advised that one should file multiple RTIs in case they wish to seek answers for more than one question.

  • Finding the correct department

You need to be very clear about the department you need to address your query too. For instance road repairs queries you might have to file the request with the municipal corporation of your area, but maybe for a flyover being constructed - the query might pertain to the regional development authorities office and not the municipal office.

Also for certain queries you need to address the RTI to the central government departments as the state departments do not have the required authority.

Thus identifying the correct department at times poses a challenge.

  • Addressing the Application to the Correct Person

If your RTI Application doesn’t reach the correct person, it will simply be rejected. Upon enquiring about the status of your RTI, you will get the response that your application had not been addressed to the correct authority, therefore it has been rejected.

You will then have to repeat the entire process in order to address the application to the correct person.

  • Payment Method

Filing an RTI is not free of cost; there is some application fee that has to be paid while filing an RTI. However, each state differs in terms of acceptance of application fees. Some states demand cash payment while others will demand a draft and so on. Hence, the application fee has to be attached according to the rules of the state.

Moreover, the costs for an RTI application in every state too differs from Rs. 8 to Rs. 50 in some cases. Plus there are multiple fees in case you need documents copies etc.

So, then how do you file an RTI? Is there a less technical and much simpler and faster way?

Yes! There is...

At - We are Here to Help! is a one step solution to all your problems with the government. Visit our website to exercise your Right to Information and all you need to do is fill up a simple form.

We have simplified the process of filing an RTI and our team of experts makes sure your application reaches the correct person. It will take hardly ten minutes for you to file an RTI with us.

Do check the following video to know we can help you. Also continue reading to see the 3 simple steps to file an RTI with us.

You fill the form; we take care of the rest and will give you the best.

Step 1:

Click here to fill the form and get started. You can fill the form in plain simple English, nothing fancy, nothing complex.

Online RTI Form 1.jpg

Step 2:

Once you do that, you will be taken to step 2 - choosing the type of RTI query

As shown below, we have separate templates for different types of RTI Applications. All you need to do is to select the type of RTI you wish to file and fill the columns shown in the relevant forms.

For Personal RTI, You will have the following options to choose from:

Online RTI Form 2

If your RTI Application is for a social cause, the following options are available:

Online RTI Form 3

Or you can pick the third option, which is as follows:

Online RTI Form 4

Once you are done with that proceed to the last step - payment.

Step 3:

You can pay us online from the comforts of your home. If you have a Paytm wallet, we even accept payments that way.

pay for your RTI with Paytm

Sit back, Relax and let us do the work for you:

Once we have your application, we will call you up and understand your query in detail. After that, we will get our team of RTI Experts to draft the application on your behalf.

  • We ensure your RTI Application is written in the proper format, proper language and the correct questions are asked.

  • We will also pay the fees on your behalf, for the RTI application to the correct authority, following the method they prefer.

  • You can check all this using our tracking feature - It will show you the request filed, its status, any documents/attachment sent along with the RTI request etc.

  • You need not worry about anything. You don’t even need to leave the comforts of your home to file the RTI or to even track it.

With, tracking the status of your RTI Application is much simpler. Whereas the tracking system of central government might be complex for you to understand, we provide you with a simple tracking system which will enable you to easily track the status of your RTI Application.

Click here to see how simplified and comprehensive tracking system we have.

We charge a nominal fee of Rs. 399 and offer all of the above services. This payment of Rs. 399 also includes all the fees and costs associated in filing your RTI request. Not to mention the legal advice and having experts work on your behalf.

Click here to avail our services and we will ensure your RTI has been filed successfully. is here to empower the citizens of India and promote transparency and accountability.

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