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The Right to Information Act, also known as RTI, is an act that helps to have a transparent government system in Indian agencies and departments. The Act came into existence in 2005, and since then, has grown in importance for concerned citizens to get answers from central and state government establishments, for matters that concern them. This further helps in building a better nation over time by keeping the government authorities on their toes.

But did you know that RTI can also help you not just get the answers to, but also speed some of the processes of government? Yes, for instance how many times have we heard that someone’s passport which was applied months back, hasn’t been delivered yet? Or there is no clear answer for the delay etc. Often times, people just run from pillar to post in search of answers, but not anymore. A simple Passport RTI can not just help you know the answer, but will also help you get your passport faster.

Passport RTI application - Doing it on the Government Portal:

The application of a passport RTI can be made in multiple ways as mentioned below:

In writing at the CPV Division, Patiala House, New Delhi. The Application Fee can be paid either in cash or by Demand Draft/ Banker's Cheque/ Indian Postal Order and must be drawn in favour of the Accounts Officer, Ministry of External Affairs, payable at New Delhi.

In writing at the Regional Passport Offices. The Application Fee can be paid either in cash or by Demand Draft/ Banker's Cheque/ Indian Postal Order drawn in favour of the Passport Office.

Online through the RTI Online Portal. Click here to visit the official website The application fee may be paid online using Internet Banking /Credit/ Debit Card/ Other payment facilities as available online on the RTI Portal. In case the passport RTI applicant does not receive a response after the application is submitted within the specified time, or if the citizen not satisfied by a reply within thirty days from the receipt, an appeal can be lodged with the Departmental Appellate Authority.


Now while the above sound pretty simple, they are actually not. the reason being a simple mistake or overlook will mean your application for passport RTI will be rejected. Having said that, there is an easier and more efficient method for applying for a passport RTI by going to

The usual passport RTI application is very time consuming for most people, because they are not used to filling a difficult form. And sometimes, the appropriate response is not received from the government department.

OnlineRTI has had a high success rate with over 2.5 lakh RTI applications being filed since 2013, with more than 1,20,000 Passport RTI applications and a 90% response rate. The whole process is safe with the best online security in place. For ease of payment, we also have an option to pay with your PayTM for secure online payment.

The top 5 States we have filed Passport RTIs for are-

1. Delhi

2. Haryana

3. Karnataka

4. Maharashtra

5. Uttar Pradesh

At OnlineRTI, our team of expert lawyers then process your passport RTI form for you, so you need not worry about anything. All you have to do is follow the simplest of instructions on the website by clicking on your problem and submitting your application. The rest will be taken care of by us. You can just relax.

Easily apply for Passport RTI at

How it Works - Passport RTI Process

You can follow these simple steps for the application process of a passport RTI:

1. Enter the Details of your passport:

Click on ‘Apply Now’ on the website and fill in your Passport details. It is a fast process that will not take you more than 5 minutes.

2. Leave the RTI paperwork to us:

Yep, that is done by our team of lawyers who will convert your application as per the details you have provided on the application and send it to you for final approval.

3. The RTI request:

As soon as the team receives your approval, the RTI application is sent directly to the passport department by the logistics team.

4. Get a Direct Reply:

So this very simple process is required to send a passport RTI and the passport department will directly reply to you usually within 2-5 weeks.

Go to OnlineRTI application for your passport RTI request now! Click here to apply and receive the response for your passport RTI request within a few weeks without any hassles. Also it is seen, that the moment you ask questions using RTI, for delayed documents, the concerned departments promptly respond and also clear the stuck up documents.

A lot of us have faced issues in getting our passports, share your stories of passport delay and let us know if we can help you

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