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Teresa had filed an RTI with OnlineRTI few months back. She was unhappy with her marks in Civil Services Mains conducted in December, 2015. She was certain that there was some discrepancy in her English Essay paper correction. Out of 250, she had scored only 69 marks for the 2 essays. She told OnlineRTI, ”This was extremely below my average performance”. In her previous attempt, CSM 2014, she had scored 139 marks in essay paper. Also, this in 2015, she had scored well in all other papers. She was doubtful about the evaluation process and entry of her marks.

We had filed Teresa’s RTI on her behalf, and sent it to UPSC. We were delighted to hear back from her. In her email she told us that UPSC had confirmed that there was no calculation mistakes or error in her marks entry. Also, no pages were missing from her answer sheet. This was a great relief for her as she came to know exactly what went wrong with that paper.

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