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One Rank One Pension is the scheme for hike in pension rate of Indian Armed Forces officers. This is a welcome step for many of our officers. However, cooperation is required from banks all over the country for this scheme to be implemented correctly. Only then, the benefits will reach men and women of our forces. For this, necessary instructions have been issued to all pension disbursement agencies. Many banks have implemented the proposed changes.

We encountered one such instance where a Bank failed to do this. A Retired Air Force Officer, who was unable to get his revised pension amount from Bank of India, Chennai , contacted OnlineRTI. He explained that even after raising the issue number of times with the Bank officials, he was unable to get any response from their side.

After understanding his problem, OnlineRTI helped him draft his RTI application. Our RTI experts were quite sure that the Bank will answer the questions raised in his RTI. And they were right!

The Bank got in touch with the Officer and replied to all the questions asked under RTI. They sent him a copy of notification issued by Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension), Allahabad. They also helped him understand the reasons for delay. For the past few months, he had tried to get in touch with senior Bank officials. But they didn’t respond. By filing his RTI, the officer got the attention of senior officials who sped up his case.

RTI is used by many officers of our Armed Forces to help them in government related matters.

OnlineRTI is proud to serve Indian Armed Forces officers and help them use their Right to Information.

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