How to check your FIR Status with RTI?


There is a lot being done to bring transparency and accountability, to reduce corruption in state/ central institutions. The Right to Information Act of 2005 is one such act which aims to help the citizens have information at their fingertips and get true facts from the authorities.

RTI can be used to get answers to a lot of issues and even for things like finding reasons for delays in a government project, delay in getting your passport or IT refund, or even for things like knowing the status of FIRs.

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FIR status - How to use RTI to know about it?

The First Information Report (FIR) is an important legal document to report a criminal offence to the police. It is required to be filed in situations like

  • You lose your valuables and need to claim insurance for the same, or

  • You lose documents like voter ID card, Driving License, Passports.

The Station House Officer(SHO) of a police station is legally required to register an FIR after a complaint as given by an aggrieved victim or citizen.

A summary of the crime is usually kept on record in the FIR along with the entire details of the investigation process. Registering an FIR starts the justice process and requires the police to investigate.

Here’s what an FIR is and how it works:

  • After the crime is reported, the FIR is filed.

  • Since FIR is a public document, a certified copy is provided to the complainant initially.

  • The copy of the FIR recorded after the crime is reported and given to the aggrieved.

  • This initial version of FIR might not contain the investigation process details and the evidence particulars as collected by the police.

  • To keep up with the investigation, it can be coordinated with the police station and/ or the SHO to obtain the final copy of the FIR, which is not that easy.

  • Police do not usually encourage citizens asking to know their filed FIR status. So, RTI for FIR can be filed, and then status can be checked for the recorded FIR.

FIR Status Request Format

The RTI for FIR is to get investigation details like documentary evidences etc.

If you seek the evidences available on record, you will get all the official copies of evidence available to the police. If the evidence is on record and is ignored or if they have charge-sheeted the case without considering the evidence, the misconduct can be shown at a later stage in court. You cannot seek their opinion in a RTI as to why the evidence was not considered.

You can change the questions in the given format according to what documents you want. In the application, it can also be mentioned that the information is required in English, the official language of the country rather than the official language of the state.

The FIR status request can be sent to the police station or police headquarters, as needed.

Format for RTI to get copy of FIR Status from Police:


Kindly provide information to each point separately. No clubbing of points even if information may be repeated.

Kindly provide the name & designation of the officer who is providing this information along with the details (name & designation) of first appellant authority as per rules of RTI Act.

All the above information may be sent by local speed post to the applicant’s address mentioned above as prescribed under the Right of Information act of 2005.

Kindly send the information in English language. Your early reply will be much appreciated.

First Information Report. How important it is to file FIR

Fees to file RTI for FIR Status details:

The fee for RTI as designated by the government is INR 10.

The maximum time period assigned for the information sought is thirty days after which first appeal can be filed, addressing the first appellate authority.

If no response is received, a second appeal can be filed addressing the State Information Commissioner.

How can Online RTI help?

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Simple OnlineRTI form for personal details

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