How can students benefit from RTI?


RTI for Students: How can students benefit from RTI?

RTI stands for Right to Information and the official act, giving RTI the fundamental right status under Article 19-1 of the Constitution, was passed in 2005. Under this act, every citizen has the right to ask questions and get answers from any central and state government authorities. The people have the right to know about the working of the government, the role it plays, and the functions it performs. The Right to Information Act is helpful to citizens of all ages, ethnicities, and regional ties, including students, working professionals, government officials, and senior citizens.

RTI for students includes getting answer sheets re-checked, or physically getting to check copies of the same, checking the validity of their degrees, status of a delayed degree, marksheet verification, etc. from the concerned University or State Boards to obtain accurate information about educational examinations and qualifications.

RTI for Students - Different Scenarios where RTI would help:

No matter the examination, whether it is a school board exam, or a university test, the marks obtained are always under discussion. There have been various cases about smart students with great academic records receiving fewer marks than expected and average students failing subjects they were expecting to pass in.

RTI for Marksheet Evaluation and Checking Answering Sheets:

When the results are out for examinations, the students who are unsatisfied with their results can inspect their answer sheets, thanks to RTI. RTI for students allows them to check their sheets and file a report if discrepancies are found in the correction of answers.

The Supreme Court of India has specifically ruled that students who require inspecting their answer sheet may be allowed to do so under the RTI Act and any by-laws or rules of Education Board/Examination Board can’t prevent them from checking their sheets.

Until the Right to Information Act came into existence in 2005, the students could only apply for a re-totalling but could not ask for a revaluation of their answer sheets.

RTI for students can help even in case of Competitive Exams which follow the OMR method of answering:

Yes, you can also file RTI in case where you have answered on the OMR sheets. If an RTI is filed regarding an examination that involved OMR marking (Optical Mark Recognition), then the following information can be received.

  1. A copy of the OMR sheet

  2. The answer key to compare with the OMR.

  3. Cut-off marks for all sections, along with the marks received in each.

  4. Cut-off marks for the category, and for all categories.

File RTI for copy of OMR sheets.

Filing RTI for students with regards to educational institutions:

Verifying a university degree and knowing the authenticity of mark sheets and degrees is important. RTI for students helps obtain this information easily by filing an RTI.

In case of a government institution,

  • You need to file an RTI with the office of the PIO of the university concerned.

  • In case there is no university appointed PIO, the application should be addressed to the Office of Registrar of the University.

  • In the application, you may ask them about the degrees and mark sheets which have been issued by the university or any other queries also.

In case of Private universities or institutions,

  • Private universities do not fall under the purview of RTI, so RTI for students cannot be directly filed in these institutions.

  • Indirect means may be followed for the information required i.e. you should approach the Directorate of Education of the state where that institute or university is established.

  • The application should be addressed to the Public information branch of the Directorate of Education of the concerned state where the institution is established and request them to verify whether that university is recognized and the mark-sheet and degree issued are genuine.

Verifying a university degree is easily done by filing an RTI.

Process for filing RTI for students:

  • If the student has not yet completed 18 years of age, the application has to be made by the father or mother or guardian, with the consent of the student. 

    • If the student is above 18 years of age on the date of application filing, the student can file RTI for students application, with relevant changes in the given format, or get it filed by father / mother / guardian in the given format with an authority signature.
  • Payment of the filing fee must be made as per state RTI rules to which the Board of Examination belongs.

    • For example, since CBSE is a central government entity, you should pay Rs10 by postal order, drawn in favour of the Accounts Officer, Central Board of Secondary Education, made payable at Delhi.
  • The format to be used must be as mentioned by the respective state or central RTI rules. Do not omit the reference to the judgment of the High Court of Calcutta in any format.

  • The details of the format and payment of fee state-wise for RTI for students application, and address of the concerned PIO are available at in point #11 on this page, here.

  • If you do not get a reply within 30 days of mailing this application, or if the reply is not satisfactory, file the first appeal immediately. Find out more about first appeal by clicking here.

Do Note: The onus of finding the correct PIO or in his/her absence the address of the Office of Registrar of the University lies on the applicant. Any wrong PIO or Registrar being addressed, can lead to rejection of the RTI request.

Is there an Option to File RTI for students easily?

A student is someone who is not always that savvy when it comes to filing the RTI using the "government specified" formats and nor does he/she have enough time to go from office to office to find the right person to hand over the RTI application or find the correct address to mail.

In such cases, friends or parents’ help is seeked, but then again the hassles are still there.

But there is a very simple option to file an RTI for Marksheet Verification, Re-evaluation of answer copies or even checking the authenticity of a degree or a university; in-short, for anything where a student needs to file an RTI, they can use our platform -

  1. Go to OnlineRTI’s Student RTI section, by clicking here

  2. Fill in your name, address and contact details - It’s a very simple form.

  3. Write the content of your RTI application that you require assistance with.

  4. Our expert team of RTI experts will contact you to find out more.

  5. We will then draft the RTI application on your behalf, and send it to you for approval.

  6. Once you approve, we will send it to the correct authority.

  7. You will get the response directly from the concerned authority.

With this, your application is complete in a very simple process. You don’t have to leave your home, waste any extra time. Oh and yes, the entire process will cost less than a couple of coffees and snacks you share with your friends!

And... we accept Paytm as well! File your OnlineRTI application now!

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