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Abu enthusiastically told OnlineRTI, “The experience was amazing. Did not expect them to reply so fast. The reply was very clear also with date of deduction, exact amount deducted and date when it got credited. Definitely recommend this to other people with PF problems.”

In 2015, Abu applied for Provident Fund transfer from his previous company to his new company, Wipro Bangalore. He initiated the transfer on EPF government website. After waiting for more than a month, he realized that the transfer status was stuck on “In Transit”. He then decided to file a complaint for this expecting some response. He was surprised to see the complaint close without any action or change in status. He thought of visiting the PF office but was warned by a friend who did the same and was asked for bribe to move his file!

Tired of waiting, Abu decided to file RTI with OnlineRTI. Through the simple form for PF withdrawal, he completed his RTI in minutes and we filed his application on 26th December 2016. In hardly a week, he received pointwise reply to his RTI. According to the RTI reply, Abu got to know the exact status of his PF transfer.

Abu contacted us to share his experience as he felt that using RTI could potentially solve the problems of many like him. Most people are unaware that RTI is helpful for getting responses for problems like PF transfer delay. In fact, there are many cases when RTI has been helpful for case like income tax refunds, road tax refunds, getting occupancy certificate etc.

You can also file RTI on OnlineRTI and solve your issues without stepping in any government office!

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