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What if I told you that filing RTI for CAT2016 exam doesn’t need to be hard or incovenient?

How many attempts have you made to find out your raw CAT scores but found yourself giving up because you didn't know how to go about it?

Have you ever wished that you could find out your Raw CAT scores without having to search hundreds of websites or worrying about official formalities?

Every year, after CAT results, students are left wondering

  • Why did I not get any IIM call at my percentile score?
  • Did the morning shift have any advantage?
  • Why is my scaled score so low?
  • What is my absolute/raw score?
  • How was the normalization done?

RTI can help answer these questions. Find out normalization formula, values used to calculate your scaled scores, category wise cutoffs, section wise cutoffs for IIMs.

IIM, being a public authority and comes under the RTI Act. IIM Bangalore is the exam conducting body of CAT 2016 so the institute has to provide Raw score under RTI to applicants under section 2(f).

Last year, we saw almost 500 CAT applicants filing RTIs through us. Filing RTI Online for CAT2016 is pretty easy on Online RTI Form for CAT2016.

OnlineRTI has made RTI process simple.

  • On Online RTI Form for CAT2016 ,fill your details - Name, Email, Phone, Address. These details are required so that we can update you with the status and send the final RTI for your approval. Also, the postal address is required so that we can mention to IIM Bangalore, where the reply letter needs to be sent to.

  • After this, you simply need to fill in your Registration Number and click Next.

  • You will receive a summary of your RTI submitted to us, after completing the payment we will immediately assign your RTI to one of our RTI experts.

That's it! You are done.. within 24 hours, your RTI will be on it's way to IIM Bangalore. Now, you can sit back and expect to receive your raw scores in your letterbox within a month. Once you receive those, you will get an understanding of how much you scored, which section needs work and how normalization was done for you.

In case of any doubts, you can always ask your RTI questions & we will be happy to help you.

File your CAT2016 RTI on Online RTI Form for CAT2016

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