How the Power of RTI can help you verify University Marksheets


One of the most important decisions for the improvement of transparency and curb corruption was the introduction of Right To Information Act in the year 2005. This act mandates the disclosure of information by any public official within 30 days after the filing of an RTI application by a citizen of India. This act covers all states of India, except for Jammu and Kashmir. The main aim of the introduction of the RTI act was to increase transparency in the working of government officials as well as making citizens aware of the activities of government.

This act has helped people in many sectors including passport delay, status of FIR and many more.

One such use also includes RTIs that filed by students for verification of mark sheets as well as certificates from universities.

RTI for marksheet verification:

The need of marksheet verification and certificate verification has become one of the most common issues at hand for a student. Marksheet verification is required by the students to ensure they are not cheated by any fake university operating in India. Even employers and distance learning students can file an RTI to verify the certificates regarding the authenticity of an institution. Also, a major reason behind RTI for Marksheet by students is to clear the doubts that arise due to discrepancy of mark sheets.

Whatever your need is, under the Right to information Act, you can ask the verification of the certificates and marksheets from the respective university as the documents fall under the realm of "information" as per RTI.

Marksheet RTI can be filed if you have the following issues:

1. Want to know whether a marksheet is genuine or not

Any government university is a public authority, hence RTI is applicable. In the case of private university, you would have to approach the public body or public authority which has granted affiliation to the university.

By Section 2(f) of the RTI Act, you could obtain various details regarding the genuineness of the degree or the details of the affiliation that is given to the university. You can also obtain the certified copies of the records.

2. Regarding GATE Exam

GATE is conducted by a public authority so it is under the ambit of RTI. In case you want to obtain the copies of answer sheets or mark sheets, you could definitely obtain them.

Due to the judgment passed by Supreme Court in 2011 in the case of Aditya Bandhopadhyay vs. CBSE.

The criteria for the evaluation of answer sheets as well as the mode in which such information is maintained is subject to availability. According to RTI, the information which is maintained and available with the authority is disclosed however the creation of such information in not in the ambit of RTI.

3. 10th and 12th State Board or CBSE Marksheet

State Boards and CBSE is a public authority, so it is under the realm of RTI. If in any case you have misplaced or lost the mark sheet then you can obtain certified copies of relevant documents or mark sheets by filing an RTI application.

4. Verification of Marksheet by Employers

If you are an employer and worried about the authenticity of marksheet provided by a person seeking employment, you can file an RTI application.

However, obtaining such information that is related to another person comes under the ambit of third party information and it is exempt from disclosure but for certain conditions:

  • If you have the approval of the person

  • If by disclosing the information, large public interest is served.

  • If you are not able to fulfill above condition, then you cannot get the information.

Marksheet RTI can be filed for GATE, CBSE, State Boards, Universities

Procedure for filing an RTI for Marksheet Verification:

You can file the RTI in the following manner:

Details for addressing the application:

  • Address of the Public Information Officer - You need to be sure about who to address it to

  • Documents giving proof of your identity

  • Copy of marksheet/copy of degree for which the RTI is being filed

  • Registration roll number

  • Name of college and course

Before sending it, keeping certain things in mind:

  • You should correctly address the application to Public Information Officer or the Assistant Public Information Officer. Their names can be obtained on the website of given institutions. The onus for addressing the right PIO lies on the applicant - Wrong addressing will lead to REJECTION.

  • The application should be either in Hindi/English, clearly addressing the issue.

    • You can find a common RTI format for applying in English click here.
  • No clubbing of points should be present even if they address the same issue.

  • Attach some documents and give details about your identities.

  • Finally you should send your application via speed post along with the required fee.

Do Note: The details shared above are very important and the procedure needs to be followed correctly using the correct format. Any discrepancy of mistake in the same will lead to immediate rejection of the application.

If you are interested in reading more about marksheet verification using RTI, read about Marksheet Verification RTI in detail.

Simplified approach for filing an RTI for Marksheet Verification:

While writing it, you should adhere to the proper format of filing an RTI. One small mistake can result in the rejection of an RTI appeal.

This mode of filing an application is tedious has several drawbacks and is time consuming. It may result in wide range of errors. There may be certain language barriers that may result in improper communication as well.

Simplified approach for filing an RTI for Marksheet Verification

Best option to file the RTI for Marksheet:

At we believe in simplifying the process to help you ask the right questions and get the right answers. A large number of students have already used this platform to file RTI.

Simple Steps to File an RTI for Marksheet on

  • Simply click the direct link to file an RTI for Marksheet here

  • It involves the following steps:

    • Fill your address and phone number (in case of doubt about your application)

    • Fill your credentials

    • Enter the query you need answers for in plain simple English

    • Finally make the payment which includes all our services right from processing your application to drafting a well formatted RTI, identifying the department and PIO whom to send it to and submitting the request on your behalf.

  • After this, our team of RTI experts will get in touch with you and get the details.

  • We will then make a draft for your final approval before sending your application.

  • As soon you approve, application will be sent on your behalf.

  • The concerning authority will direct reply you in connection with the RTI appeal.

That’s it! You need not even leave the comfort of your home for this. We will take care of all the hassles for you.

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