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In 2016, OnlineRTI team has worked very hard to process RTI applications from all over India. We are very happy to see so many Indians using their right, and not simply resigning themselves to the problems they have. Everyday our customers raise voices against corruption, harassment, domestic violence, fake degrees and many other issues

Indians often joke about being "always late", as we are used to facing delays, things not being done on time and processes not being followed. We wait and think a lot before raising any issue whenever we face problems with basic things. Questions like -

  • Why will anybody take me seriously?
  • Why should I be the only one to complain?
  • Is there any point? Will anything change at all?

These questions are on our minds whenever government offices don't respond to our countless requests, complains and follow-ups! Most of us need to go to government offices at sometime or other, whether we like it or not. It is time that we take part in making our experience easier. It is time that we let go of our "ChaltaHai" attitude about our problems and say something when things don't go as they should.

RTI is an amazingly simple and powerful tool every Indian can use. You should know all about what is the Right to Information Act 2005. When citizens file RTIs to investigate delays, the government officers have to become more accountable and give them the answers. Under Right to Information, the government bodies need to inform you of how and when they are doing the tasks allotted to them. It is an effective way to know the quality of government service you are getting. If the quality is not good, it your right and duty to bring it up!

Like everybody, even the Government is scared of having a bad report card

Through our right, we are making government officers accountable, and becoming a part of India's development.
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OnlineRTI does its bit by empowering our brave customers in exercising their right. We help our customers by making RTI filing process simple and fast. Let me tell you how we do that.Once we receive the customer's request through our website or app, our RTI expert starts working on the case. We schedule an immediate consultation session. In the call, the customer fills in the detailed background of the case. Putting together the legal and case requirements, we prepare RTI draft, supported by sections of the RTI Act,2005. We send the draft to the customer, who can look over his RTI application and review the application. Our team makes sure that we get everything perfect to send your RTI application most carefully to the government office that has your answers.

At OnlineRTI, in the past year our customers have filed RTI for number of cases like

Abu applied RTI for Provident Fund transfer delay from Bangalore

Priya, Lady Hardinge Medical College Intern filed RTI for stipend delay

A Retired Air Force Officer applied RTI for OROP Pension Delay

Teresa confirmed her UPSC Mains,2015 answersheets using RTI

Through an understanding of more than 1,80,000 personal and complex problems, we are proud to say that Indians are speaking up about their problems, using the right given to them by the Constitution. Only if we are well informed, we can express our opinions and problems effectively.

Right to Information is crucial to exercise Right to Expression effectively

As citizens we have the duty, to use our rights to educate the decision makers of the deficiencies in the system.

On 26th January 2017, we celebrate a document that has decided the destiny of billions of Indians for 67 years. The makers of our Constitution would be immensely proud to see so many Indians take part in nation building by playing an important role in it's governance. Let us let go of our "Chalta hai" attitude towards issues and speak up!

OnlineRTI wishes you a Happy Republic Day! #NahiChaltaHai

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