Construction of Bus station in Mallasandra continues despite starting in 2008

Construction of Bus station in Mallasandra continues despite starting in 2008
Photo by Sandy Ravaloniaina / Unsplash

By Abilash Mariswamy

The people of Mallasandra in Dasarahalli constituency face immense chaos on a daily basis due to the absence of a proper bus station. The public service which is used by most people makes them stand on the side of the road without any shelter, also leading to messed up traffic.
The stone for the construction of bus stop in Mallasandra in Dasarahalli constituency was laid in the year 2008 by former chief minister B.S Yeddurappa. But the construction is still half way.

The reason for the delay of construction is due to lack of funds by the government claims BMTC (Bangalore metropolitan transportation corporation) in the RTI obtained. However the Public Relation Officer (PRO) of BMTC failed to give any information regarding this project and the caused delay.

Ramappa (45), a resident of the same constituency, says, “It’s been 8 years and the construction is still going on. The workers come whenever they want. The work was at halt for so many months in the middle. And I don’t know how much more time they will take to finish this.”

Puttaswamy (55), a commuter from the same constituency, says, “The absence of a proper bus stop causes a problem each day for all of us. There is too much chaos and that leads to further delay of time. There is immense traffic almost every morning. There is not even any system for the frequency of the bus.”

RTI reveals that the first phase of the construction of the bus station is being completed at the cost of Rs.916.00 lakh, and at the third phase amounting to Rs.1369.00 lakh is being called for the tender with the time duration of 15 months. But the document doesn’t provide any details about the second phase of the project, becoming a reason for doubts and uncertainties in the minds of people.

Dr. Ashish Verma (50), Transportation engineering and researcher, IISC, says that there is no proper feasibility and accountability in the system. Dr. Verma also added that the government doesn’t plan in advance and lacks appropriate implementation in most of the projects like these.

The transparency in the matter of fund allocations still remains a question of concern along with the delay in implementations, all of which leads to problems for the public.

This Article is written by Abilash Mariswamy as part of curriculum at IIJNM


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