Got My IRCTC Refund ~ Thanks to OnlineRTI

Got My IRCTC Refund ~ Thanks to OnlineRTI

Nabarun Bose, from Kolkata, was frustrated, as his money was deducted. But, he did not receive any IRCTC refund, even though the ticket was not booked because of a technical glitch. Mr. Bose had to go to Raniganj to visit his ailing father. He was supposed to get a ticket physically, but a colleague suggested that he opt for online tickets, as it is quick and convenient. He liked the idea and planned some more work for the day since online booking saves significant time and energy.

Returning home from office on 16th August ‘17, he sat to book his ticket from Howrah to Raniganj. He tried reserving a seat 12 times, but was not successful any of the times, and was therefore, not allotted a PNR number. For a dozen times, he tried to pay through MVISA, but even though the ticket pricing 780.80 INR was not booked, an amount of 9369.60 INR was deducted from his bank account.

What surprised him was that instead of 12 times, his IRCTC account displayed total 8 failed transactions. On the other hand, his bank account statement also showed the number of failed transactions to be 12 times, which was what he had calculated. This discrepancy astounded him, but he decided to wait for sometime and see what occurs next, as IRCTC asks people to wait for 7 days. Since, the time-span for refund varies from one bank to another, no definite time is given by IRCTC.

What Happens Next?

By reading forums where people had questioned IRCTC refund status and got answers to them, he learnt that most of the time, failed transaction money is returned in 2 to 3 days. Also, an individual does not have to file any case or write any complaint letter; except check his or her bank account to make sure that the money has been credited. He came to know that IRCTC returns the entire amount of the booking including the IRCTC service charges, but not the bank charges.

The 7 days lead to 14 days but to no avail. Worried, Mr. Bose wrote to IRCTC by addressing his email to Group General Manager/IT, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd., Internet Ticketing Centre, IRCA Building, State Entry Road about his problem providing them with all the details of the transaction including the transaction ID.

Over a month had passed after that, with no response from IRCTC. When Nabarun Bose contacted them, they had no solution to the problem. Completely discouraged with the lack of efficiency of the Indian Railways, he was looking for a way to come out of the problem. One of our previous clients, a friend of his, on getting insight into his problem, counselled him to contact us.

What Did We Do?

When our experts realized the trouble Mr. Bose was in, we promised to help him out with every possible solution available with us.
At the onslaught, we asked for the email he had sent to the Indian Railways and all the details about the ticket.

The details comprised of.

Transaction id

A printout of IRCTC’s transaction details showing 8 transactions

Bank statement showing 12 failed transactions
Our Suggestion to Him for Filling up the Form
Give exact information in relation to personal details. The slightest mistake can make things difficult for you, as a wrongly written application will have no value at all.

Give traveling details to ensure a definite IRCTC refund status check.

We will look for information, which is important, but has been missed out by you and ask you to approve the final draft.
With an idea about the problems that you might face due to the negligence and lack of efficiency on the part of some public servants, we make it a duty to file your application to the PIO within 2 to 3 days.

You may then make the payment, which includes fees for application processing and our fees.
Thanks to our transparent and reliable payment process, you can be rest assured that your money is not going to end up in a dumping land and is put to the right use.

We made Mr. Bose realize that he should not let himself be victimized because of a technical error. Our services aim to allow common people make use of their rights and we enable them to call themselves proud recipients of the Indian work system.

If an individual suffers owing to the poor attentiveness and inefficiency of a government official, we make sure that the latter is answerable. Our work is designed in a manner that facilitates quick return of your money without you having to make daily rounds to government offices or wasting your time writing e-mails to the heads of government departments.

After we had forwarded his application, he got an answer in the form of money refunded to his bank account. The process was quick and satisfied Mr. Bose.

If you know anyone who is going through a similar ordeal and wishes to raise a voice against it, as well as, get the due justification, OnlineRTI is the place to contact for a smooth IRCTC refund process.


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