How to get IGNOU Marksheet and other documents?

How to get IGNOU Marksheet and other documents?

If you are you a student of Indira Gandhi National Open University (popularly known as IGNOU) and awaiting your IGNOU marksheet or any other document, but to no avail…. Then this is the right place for your to be. If all other options have failed and you are still stuck with your problem, then filing an RTI is the most direct and easy way out for you.

The Right to Information Act is a privilege given to each citizen of India under which he/she can seek any information from a government authority. Since IGNOU is a government university, you can easily file an RTI regarding the status of your marksheet or other documents such as provisional certificate, degree, results, question paper and so on.

So here’s how you can file an RTI for IGNOU.

How to file RTI for IGNOU Marksheet or Documents?

There are 2 ways to file your RTI for IGNOU - Online and Offline and both of which are explained below, starting with the Online option:

1. For the Online Option - Visit the official RTI portal

The official government portal for filing an RTI is . Click on the link or copy paste the URL in your web browser and proceed to the next step.

2. Fill in the User Registration Form

The next step involves filling in the user registration form. As soon as you enter the website, you’ll be asked for your username and password.

  • Click on "Sign Up Here" and a form will be in front of you.
  • Carefully fill out the form with correct details.
  • Once you’re sure the details mentioned are correct, click on submit.

3. Login

Once you’ve filled in the form correctly, click on "Click here to Login" and log in to your account by entering the newly created username and password along with the security code.

4. Enter Activation Key

Enter the activation key sent to your registered email ID and click submit.

5. Submit Request

Once the above registration is complete, click on Submit request and fill up the form with your RTI query.

For a detailed process, click here.

How to file RTI Offline for IGNOU Marksheet:

For filing an RTI Offline, you can do so by writing down your questions on a plain paper by following this basic format as described here.

That’s it! Your RTI must reach the authorities and you need to wait for them to respond. An RTI can also be filed offline by submitting an application to the Public Information Officer of your area. If the above method is complex for you, there is an alternative.

Things to note:

For filing an RTI online or offline, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Addressing the correct department and office for seeking your answers
  • Asking the correct questions in clear and concise manner
  • Ask multiple questions for multiple issues
  • Address to correct PIO
  • Submit it in the applicable format
  • Make the RTI fees payment in the method specified by the concerned department - cash, bank draft or incase of online application then via net-banking or debit/credit cards

Any mistake in the above mentioned processes, will lead to rejection of your RTI request. So you need to be very careful of drafting your RTI query correctly.

But there is a Worry-Free way to File your RTI for IGNOU!

Filing an RTI to the authorities online or through the PIO can be a bit daunting as there are certain formalities that have to be taken care of. For example, you need to know the government department to which the RTI will be addressed. In such a scenario, OnlineRTI with its team of experts ensures your RTI application reaches the authorities safely and gets a response.

Visit us at and click on the appropriate option. For example if you are seeking IGNOU marksheet, click on "Marksheet Verification" option in the home page and fill out a simple form. That is all, your part is done!

Now our team of RTI experts will get in touch and understand your concern in detail and draft the application on your behalf. Once you approve it, It is up to us to ensure that your application reaches the authorities and you get a response directly from them. You can track the entire process online on our website.

This is the simplest and fastest way to file an RTI!

Indeed, the Right to Information Act has empowered the citizens. Especially students who are struggling to get a copy of their documents from a government university. RTI for IGNOU marksheet is the solution if you wish to obtain your documents from IGNOU.

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Keep Filing!


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