Increase in Dropout rate of Muslim children at Primary level

Increase in Dropout rate of Muslim children at Primary level

By Jenika Shah

The annual average dropout rate of Muslim children at primary level in the year 2012-13 was 3.5 percent and then it increased to 13.0 per cent in the year 2013-14 in the state of Karnataka according to the RTI.

There are other states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan where the annual average dropout rate is much higher in the year 2013-14 than 2012-13 as per the RTI response from Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of School Education and Literacy.

Muslims are minority and a lot of them have applied for the scholarship under the Arivu scheme provided by the Karnataka Minority development corporation. This scheme provides money to the minorities to carry on their education. But, the Karnataka minority development corporation (KMDC) has sanctioned less than 50 per cent of all applications made for the Arivu scheme in Bangalore.

Out of 4512 applications they received for loans, only 2190 have been sanctioned. This has resulted in several students dropping out because they have no money to continue their education. Some students are forced to pay ‘late fine’ for failing to pay their fees on time.

Yaseem Patel, second year M.Tech student from Gulbarga, said, “I had applied for this loan in January 2015 at KMDC but they did not sanction my loan of Rs. 50,000. They cancelled my application because they said I did not give all the relevant documents.

I collected all the relevant documents they had asked to bring the college fee copy, bank account details etc. this year and again applied as a fresh applicant. I got all the documents they needed but still they haven’t sanctioned my loan. If I do not get this money then I will have to drop the college as I will not be able to pay the fees. “

“This is the fifth time I am visiting KMDC office but every time they say come after a few days and we will sanction your loan.” he added.
Ruksana, another applicant from Chamrajpet who applied for Arivu scheme said,”I have four daughters and for their education I had applied for Arivu scheme last year. Since then I haven’t received money from KMDC. Now I cannot pay the college fees on time and have to pay a fine.”
As they are not getting the money from the KMDC they have to leave schools and college half way, which has been one of the reasons of increased in **the number of dropouts in schools of Muslim minorities. **

The enrollment of Muslim at elementary level has shown a decreased trend in the numbers.

Year Enrollment at elementary level
2011-12 12,98,270
2012-13 12,93,097
2013-14 11,72,789

These figures are provided by the Ministry of human resource development Department of School Education and Literacy under RTI.

The managing director N.J. Abaroo of KMDC said “The loans are not being sanctioned because the applicants are not providing the relevant documents. 1322 application are pending because they did not submit all the documents required for the scheme.

“The numbers of applicants last year were much more and the money provided couldn’t cover everyone and the loans weren’t sanctioned. It is not possible to provide loans to every applicant.“, she added.

This Article is written by Jenika Shah as part of curriculum at IIJNM


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