10 Most Useful Articles for Students

10 Most Useful Articles for Students

OnlineRTI receives 100s of queries everyday from students all over India, so we decided to put together the MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION ALL STUDENTS SHOULD KNOW.

If you are a student currently enrolled in any degree or are a candidate in any competitive exam, this article is a must read for you

What should I know as a Student?

As you know, the systems in place leave room for a lot of delay and misconduct on the part of officials. In this kind of environment, it is important that students know their rights and are not taken advantage of. Government RTI i.e. Right to Information is a tool that every citizen and especially student should know about.

RTI for University and RTI for Exams are most important things to know for students

I am a student at a University!

As a student enrolled in a course, there are many problems that you have to face - delay in exams, distribution of certificates and even degrees, refund of fees, issues in scholarship etc. These and many other problems can be solved by simply filing RTI for University. OnlineRTI Experts are there to help you write your RTI in a way that the institute feels obliged to reply and give you a solution.

I am a candidate sitting for a Job!

Candidates appearing in competitive exams for Central and State government posts are equally benefited from RTI. Most useful application of RTI for candidates is to get copies of their answer sheets. Many times candidates have doubts in the marking scheme, cutoffs and other such details. Now you don't need to guess what happened, simply use your right to know by filing RTI for Exams.

Has RTI really helped anyone?

We celebrate RTI Success Stories at OnlineRTI everyday and are proud to share them with you. We are especially grateful when the student community gets benefits from RTI because we know how difficult it can be for them.

RTI Success Story: “Finally, I know that my degree is not fake”: thanks to RTI

RTI Success Story: RTI for Exams helps aspirants of SSC MTS exam: RTI Success Story

Here are the must-read articles for students which will help you know your right and how to use them

List of Must-Read Articles

  1. How can students benefit from RTI?
  2. All Possible Options to File an RTI for University Exams - Explained!
  3. When is the right time to file an RTI for University Exams and What problems can it solve?
  4. Did you know RTI can help solve any problem related to SSC, Railways or any Central Government Exams?
  5. How to quickly file an RTI to get answers to any dispute in results or marksheets of Central Government Exams?
  6. How to File an RTI for State Government Exams to resolve every exam and results queries?
  7. How can RTI play a crucial role with matters related to State Government Exams?
  8. How the Power of RTI can help you verify University Marksheets
  9. Answer Sheet RTI - How to file RTI for Students
  10. Marksheet Verification RTI - How to file RTI for Students


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