[Woman’s Day Special]: RTI Success Story [1 Of 5]

[Woman’s Day Special]: RTI Success Story [1 Of 5]

A death of a parent is an extremely difficult event for anyone. In the confusion of our sadness, the last thing we want to do is complete the formalities. There are rituals to be done and accept condolences from loved ones. In some cases, the cause of death is also either unknown or suspicious. It is a very difficult time for children under these circumstances.

It is important to note that in these times, it is important to obtain the death certificate of the deceased.

This is not only helpful for later formalities but sometimes for the peace of our mind as well as it tells the exact cause of death. Shravani was facing the same problem when she came to us. She wanted to use RTI to obtain her father’s death certificate and Shavnama. This would allow her to see the exact cause of death of her father, which was not very clear to her.

She filed RTI through our website. Looking at the RTI details, our RTI experts called her back to ensure that they had all the information they needed to file her RTI. After carefully collecting the required documents and putting all information together, her RTI was strongly drafted by the team. The team did everything to ensure that Shravani gets the death certificate she wanted.

We felt satisfied at having fulfilled our duties when Shravani wrote an email to us informing us that she had received the certificate. She also thanked us for our support and cooperation throughout the process. We expect to provide our customers an easy way to file RTIs for different purposes by supporting them throughout the process.

We have created tons of resources for anybody to go through in case they want information about RTI.

Our RTI experts having filed more than 3 lakh RTI applications

We have expertise in dealing with solving problems through RTI for complex personal matters. Getting certificates and documents are an important application of RTI. Often individuals apply for certificates and face delays or rejections in these. At such times, RTI can act as a trigger to either speed up the process of receiving the required document or certificate or let the applicant know the exact reasons for rejection.

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