All Possible Options to File an RTI for University Exams - Explained!

All Possible Options to File an RTI for University Exams - Explained!

If you are a student then you can apply for RTI for University exams, if you believe that you may have scored more but there maybe some error in the correction process or in cases where there is a discrepancy noticeable in the overall evaluation process.

The institute/ university may already have some provisions allowing students to apply for rechecking of their answer sheets that you can check for. You can also ask for a certified xerox copy of the regulations and procedure of the RTI in your university.

In any case, you are entitled to get a photocopy of your evaluated answer sheet under the RTI for University exams Act. File an appeal (within the time limit) to the ‘First Appellate Authority’ in case the RTI is rejected, citing the important RTI judgement.

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Methods to file RTI for University exams

To file an RTI, the application can be made in the following 3 Ways:

  1. Online: On the government website here:
    • In case you want to know about filing the RTI application with the official government portal - following is a guide to do it.
    • DO NOTE: On this portal you can file RTI which is related to Central Government Departments only. So if you query pertains to an examination conducted at the State Level - You won’t be able to file it here. There is however a way to do it online… we will talk about it a bit later.
  2. Offline: By writing and sending an application similar to the draft below

Sample RTI Application Form on Government Website

  1. Fastest way: There is also a third and faster way to apply for an RTI that can save you time and effort in the process + ensure no rejections in your application! More on this just in a bit...

Offline Draft – RTI for University Exams


Name of PIO

Public Information Officer

Name of University and Address

Subject: Request for Information under the Right of Information Act, 2005

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am [Name], a bona fide student of [Discipline] of [University]. I have duly appeared in the Semester Examinations [Exam/Competition/Subject] for the month of [Month, Year]. My roll number is: [Roll Number].

I request you to provide me with the following information: [Choose any/all]

  • Marks obtained by me.
  • Cut-off Marks.
  • Certified copy of the answer script.
  • Model answer script.
  • Guide provided to evaluators.
  • Time and place for inspection of the answer script.
  • Number of students seeking re-evaluation (including inspection, re-totalling, re-assessment, etc.) of answer scripts.

The above information can be provided at: [Applicant’s Address].

I am a ‘Citizen’ of India. I am enclosing one Indian Postal Order [Postal Order No.] of Rs.10 dated DD/MM/YYYY in favour of the Drawing & Disbursing Officer, [University] as the requisite fee. I am also enclosing relevant documents to assist you in furnishing the said information. Kindly let me know if you require further documents. I am ready to pay any expense incurred in making photocopies of documents on intimation of the same.

Yours faithfully,


Enclosed: [Attach Relevant Documents Necessary]

IMPORTANT things to keep in mind while filling your RTI application:

  • Please use the format as prescribed by your University RTI rules, or if not prescribed, use the format given above.
  • Attach the required documents as needed with your filed RTI for university exams like:
  • Postal Order Number
  • Identity Card
  • Admission Card
  • Mark sheet

If you do not get a reply within 40 days of mailing this application, or if the reply is not satisfactory, file the first appeal immediately - Why 40 days?

  • In case of RTI applications the stipulated timeline for the authorities to respond is 30 days. However, in cases where a 3rd party is involved, then the timeline is 40 days.
  • In case of University RTI it is quite possible that the evaluation process may involve other government/non-government authorities who may have collaborated the examination and evaluation process. And hence 40 days is the timeline**.**

To know how to file your First appeal, if you do not receive a valid response within 40 days - Click here

In case you want to know more about solving an answer sheet dispute by filing an RTI - Click here

OnlineRTI assists applicants in filing RTI for all purposes. An excellent website that offers predefined formats of RTI, we do our best to help you receive the information you need without problems.

The easy OnlineRTI way to file RTI!

OnlineRTI is a one stop for all the students with grievances regarding university examination, answersheet or marksheet disputes for state as well as central government exams.

The OnlineRTI application filing system for University exam RTI is one of the best with a very simple procedure so that you don’t have to worry or waste your time with unnecessary details.

You fill in your RTI Application form here with your details, particularly all your student and examination particulars, such as

  • Personal Contact Details
  • Examination Details, Roll No. etc

In plain simple English.

That’s it. No format to worry about, no legal lingo, nothing. We at OnlineRTI do the rest for you with our team of RTI experts and lawyers who will draft your application, after getting in touch with you over a phone call and understanding the details.

Once you approve the draft, we send it to the correct PIO from the concerned department and they will reply directly to you. You can track all this too from our portal itself [see how]

At OnlineRTI, we file your application with the respective board or university in a fast and efficient manner to ensure your problems are well answered.


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