When is the right time to file an RTI for University Exams and What problems can it solve?

When is the right time to file an RTI for University Exams and What problems can it solve?

RTI for Exams possesses the biggest potential to greatly benefit the community of students studying bachelor degrees or in universities. Any student in a university or school affiliated with either any state or central government run board, can utilise Exam RTI to demand inspection of his/ her answer script and to also take certified copies of the same.

Is Exam RTI really helpful?

When I was a student I did feel RTI was a very powerful tool. And there is good reason. As a student we would have gone through this, atleast once in our lives when the marks secured in the exam seemed like less because we were so sure we had done better. So what can we do? We can approach our institution or universities and apply for a re-correction or request the answer copies. But what when these are not approved and we have not reponse?

Also the hassles and the time it takes for running around offices of various authorities for it… This is where RTI is just an awesome tool. It helps you get the right answers for your questions and makes the authorities accountable for their actions - which included misevaluation of answer copies or erroneous marks given.

Numerous exams are conducted all over India for undergraduate and post graduate professional courses every year and lakhs of students write their exams multiple times a year. In a country obsessed with grades/marks and numbers - these examination scores affect any student’s future deeply.

So, in such a highly competitive atmosphere where every mark secured is closely scrutinised, that there might be unintended mistakes that might happen. There must be a way to get it all cleared without the hassle.

That is where RTI for University exams comes in

Why to file RTI for University exams?

Until the Right to Information (RTI) Act came into existence in 2005, the only hope for students who wished to challenge their scores was to apply for a revaluation of their answer sheets, which usually was just a re-totalling of the marks.

That did not really affect change and students were left in the lurch even though they strongly believed they had done better on the exam.

But with RTI act of 2005, all that changed. What lent us students even more power was the the Supreme Court of India’s ruling which made it clear that students have the right to ask for a copy and inspect their answer sheets under the Exam RTI Act. All major examination bodies including all universities, come under the RTI Act

Whether it is a board exam, a university term test or any other competitive exam - as long as the authority conducting the exams is affiliated with any state or central government board - they are under the purview of RTI for Exams.

Can access to answer sheets with RTI for exams really change much?

Yes… Ok, here’s a simple way to explain it.

This is a case of a university student who failed the examination for the semester grades but he used the power of Exam RTI and all changed….

  • The student’s answer sheet had marked him as failed.
  • So, the student applied to see the paper, but his request was turned down by the officer.
  • Therefore, the student invoked Section 6 of the Exam RTI Act to
    • Get a copy of his answer sheet and
    • The list of candidates who had passed the examination from his batch.
  • But the public information officer (PIO) still refused to give the information, and so did the first appellate authority (FAA).
  • He then applied for re-evaluation of his examination paper.
  • On re-evaluation, he received more marks more in the exam paper and a fresh corrected mark sheet was issued to him - Yes he passed!
This just simply shows that RTI filed for the right purpose can even change one’s destiny

Therefore, the examination bodies are bound by law to provide the copies of a student's answer sheet when he/ she applies for it under the RTI for Exams Act.

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So when you’re worried that you scored more marks but received less the next time, do not worry!

Filing an RTI will help you receive your sheets and you can also apply for a revaluation in case of any discrepancy.

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