Did you know RTI can help solve any problem related to SSC, Railways or any Central Government Exams?

Did you know RTI can help solve any problem related to SSC, Railways or any Central Government Exams?

The Central Examination Boards are bound to provide information regarding answer-sheets and other details about the conducted examinations as asked by examinees under the RTI act. Be it for Railway Board exams, SSC or any other Central Government exam for that matter.

So yeah, practically you can file an RTI to solve problems of low marks or failing even though you’ve done well. You can now be happy knowing that filing a simple Railway Board RTI can bring you your answer scripts and in case of any discrepancy, you can contest your result!

Do note: RTI will help you in case of you genuinely deserving better marks and there is a mistake in the results or evaluation process. However, if you haven’t done well due to any other reason… RTI is not the thing to rescue you.

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What are the problems you, as a student may face & How would a Railway Board RTI or Exam RTI help?

There is no certain set of rules or standards that apply in examination evaluations by Universities or Education Boards in SSC, Railways or any other Central Government exams.

Yes, there are broader set of guidelines and pre-defined marking system etc. in place, but at the end of the day it is all subject to errors and mistakes or pure oversight!

This has created nightmares for millions of Indian students and in certain cases has destroyed the future of promising students because of erroneous correction methods being used.

While maintaining and providing copies of answer sheets may be an extra workload for the examination institution, it cannot be used as a reasonable excuse now to deny your rights to see the information of your examination under Railway Board RTI or any other RTI Exam application now made legal by the Honourable Supreme Court.

Evaluated answer copies are now to be open to the students who really require this to ensure transparency in our education system. Any student who is a Indian resident and who requires to check the copies of answer-sheets, get marksheets and results reverified, can do so with the help of RTI Railway Board, SSC Exam RTI or any other Central Government RTI application.

So, yes as a student, you can demand to inspect your results so that the evaluators cannot err or use unjustified means to act against any student and give you lesser marks than you deserve!

In which cases are RTI Exams filed?

The following information can be obtained by filing this Railway Board, SCC Board, Central Government Exams related RTI:

  1. Marks list
  2. List of candidates selected according to Merit
  3. Copy of your evaluated answersheets of all pages in all subjects.
  4. Copy of your Test Key of all pages in all subjects in case of Multiple Choice Format exams.

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Common RTI myths - BUSTED!

  • Filing an RTI is not as difficult as it seems. You can do it from the privacy of your home - online or file it in a government office if it is convenient.
  • An RTI doesn’t cost much, and you will not have to worry about spending continuously on finding your answer scripts or results.
  • After you file an RTI, the office you’ve addressed it to, is bound to reply within 30 days, so the time delay does not happen and you will not have to guess about when your information will reach you.
  • The RTI act allows you to file again if you don’t receive the information you need, and this might be important to you if you strongly believe your answer sheets should get you more marks.
And more importantly - The most common myth is Filing an RTI might seem intimidating, but it’s not.

The Simplest Process to File an RTI for Railway Board, SSC, Central Government Exams…. Revealed!

Online RTI can help you file an RTI in the right office without any hassle, and you can check your progress continuously too. All you have to do is fill in the simplest RTI form on our website, and we’ll get in touch with you for more details.

Our team of RTI experts will then draft the application in the correct format and after your approval send it to the correct authorities. You have to worry about nothing at all.

RTI for Exams will help you get the marks you should get, and the best result possible for you.

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