How to quickly file an RTI to get answers to any dispute in results or marksheets of Central Government Exams?

How to quickly file an RTI to get answers to any dispute in results or marksheets of Central Government Exams?

The Right to Information Act of 2005 can be used to be extremely beneficial to the students by allowing the transparency in results and answer sheets.

Any student in any Govt. affiliated university or school can file RTI for exams, demand an inspection of the answer sheet and also take its copies.

Yep. You read that right! If you have your doubts as to there is a mistake in your marks and the result could be the evaluation of the answersheets, then you can fill government RTI forms to seek and obtain information from the Public Information Officer of the concerned public authority.

The information will be obtained according to the RTI for exams you file, but then you must be clear about what information is needed.

You can do so, online or offline.

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How to file Offline RTI for Central Government Exams for Disputes in Results?

  1. Start with a subject line that represents your query well
  2. Choose the right department to send your RTI for exams
    • Try to identify the public authority you want information from.
    • Determine whether they fall under the purview of Central or State Govt.
  3. Fill the government RTI forms correctly.
  4. You can handwrite your RTI application on a white sheet or **type it out in English, Hindi or your regional language.
  5. Find out the concerned Public Information Officer to address your query.
  6. Procedure for filing RTI
    • Write down specific details and documents in your request
    • Word Limit: 500 words.
  7. Charges/ Fees
    • Application Fee of Rs.10/-.
  8. Applicant’s Details must be filled out with contact details and pincode.
  9. Send RTI forms and keep receipts / photocopies for future reference.

Shared below is how a sample format for RTI Exam would look like:

Find out more about applying offline by reading the detailed guide

Online method to file Government RTI for Disputes in Marksheets [Only possible for Central Government RTIs]

  1. Register with the Official RTI Website
  2. Fill up the Form carefully with correct details
    • Email ID and Mobile Number should be valid to receive notifications.
  3. Get the Activation ID after submitting and enter it in the next form.
  4. Login from your RTI Account and fill in RTI for exams form correctly.
    • Frame your questions carefully and to the point.
  5. Making Payment
    • Rs 10 can be paid via the online request payment form.
    • You will be issued a unique registration number once you make the payment. Make sure you keep this receipt number in a safe place as this number will be needed while tracking the status of your RTI application.

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