How can RTI Expert help you?

How can RTI Expert help you?

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As per the Right to Information Act 2005, anyone can seek information by filing an RTI application addressed to the department from which the information is sought.

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This is surely a powerful tool in the hands of every Indian citizen to seek answers from the authorities. This also ensures there is more transparency in government processes and is also one of the factors in greatly reducing the instances of corruption.

However, filing an RTI may not sound a difficult task but there certainly things that need to be taken care of, if you want to file an RTI successfully, as there is a higher chance of your RTI being rejected even if there is a single tiny error or just a overlook of the suggested format.

Possible reasons for rejection of RTI according to RTI Act

Reasons to Seek Help of an RTI Expert

There are a lot of things involved in applying RTI and while even an application on a plain sheet of paper is enough to be filed, but ensuring the technicalities of it is crucial. For instance:

  • You need to be very sure and careful of addressing your RTI application to the correct department and then to the correct PIO.
  • Onus of finding these is solely on the applicant that is YOU.
  • Moreover, you need to ask clear and to the point questions, which are directed to the issue at hand. You can ask multiple questions in the same application.
  • You need to make the payment of the RTI application in the medium - cash, bank draft/cheque as advised by the concerned authority.

Now, as you can see there are a lot of areas wherein a small mistake can lead to a rejection of your RTI application.

This is where RTI Experts come in

RTI experts can prove to be extremely helpful in such cases as they ensure that your RTI application is up to date and has no chance of rejection. Following are the ways in which RTI experts can help you:

1. He/She Understands What Information can be Sought using the Act and How

It is true that RTI exists to seek any kind of information from the government but there are a few exceptions where the Right to Information Act does not apply.

An RTI expert is well versed with these exceptions and can therefore tell you whether it is possible to obtain the information you desire or not. A lot of time, thus, can be saved if you know what information can be sought and which cannot. He/She can also guide you with a work around to get the desired information or if the information can be obtained by asking similar questions to some other department.

2. Helps you To Create a Strong Application

This is perhaps, the most important way in which an RTI expert can help. Most problems in which an RTI needs to be filed is regarding a particular government office. In such cases, supporting evidence of the question being asked is needed. It is also necessary that the supporting evidence is relevant and complete.

It becomes difficult for a normal person to arrange for such evidences and this is where the role of an RTI expert comes into focus. Being a person with a strong legal knowledge, an RTI expert will get all the necessary supporting evidences and will help you in guiding you to get them and thus create a strong application for you, which will instantly grab attention of the authorities. Whatever you provide to your RTI expert will be turned into something useful.

3. Know Exactly What to Ask and to Whom

Since the RTI expert is more in touch with the world of law, he/she will be in the best position to frame questions in your RTI application. You can simply tell the expert what information you need to obtain and he/she will frame the questions that will help you obtain your answers.

He/She will also know exactly whom to ask those questions thus saving you time and effort in getting into these hassles. Simple query from your end, can become a strong and well structured RTI application in no time with and RTI expert.

4. Guides you in the right direction

In case you need advice or have any doubts regarding the RTI application process, you can consult an RTI expert for help.

Right from the language that needs to be used for your RTI application till the attachment of documents and so on, the RTI expert will have the answer to all your queries thereby providing you with a one stop solution for all the RTI related problems.

5. Saves your time and hassle - Gets Results

The most important thing which an RTI Expert can help you with is to save you all the hassles and time in filing your RTI.

They will do everything for you. They will draft the application on your behalf, address and send it to the right authority and take care of all in between. Most importantly, they will help you get RESULTS!

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