No Place For Economically Backwards, RTI Reveals: OnlineRTI Story

No Place For Economically Backwards, RTI Reveals: OnlineRTI Story

There is no place for economically backward children in Gurgaon.

Schools build on Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) land in Gurgaon are flaunting norms and directions stated by the government of Haryana in section 134A of Haryana State Education Rules (HSER).

A RTI filed by Harinder Dhingra, a RTI & Human Rights activist revealed no school has admitted 10% Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) or Below Poverty Line (BPL) students for class 1 to 8 in the session 2015-16.

The RTI further reveals that private Schools must point out tentative vacancies to the extent of 10% of current sanctioned strength of their respective schools to EWS/BPL students. In case of Schools built or situated on HUDA land, the reservation would be 20%.

Response to the RTI filed by Mr. Dhingra disclose that Gurgaon have a total of 27 Schools built on HUDA land. This necessitates these Schools to provide free education to 20% of the total strength of students belonging to EWS/BPL families. But astonishingly none of the schools are following the directives laid down by the HSER.

This RTI has blown the cover of both the private schools and the Haryana government. Private institutions are least cared of the economic backward classes and the state government’s effectiveness and mal-governance aid the institutions to neglect it further.

Mr. Dhingra raised the concern and wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of Haryana and he supported the major violation with significant evidences. This can be considered as prominent example of the power of RTI and a socially concerned citizen of India. Hope the letter to the Chief Minister bring us some positive changes.


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