How to get answer sheet from CBSE board exam? Easy to follow Guide

How to get answer sheet from CBSE board exam? Easy to follow Guide

Board exams are some of the most crucial milestones in the life of any student.

The marks and/or grades obtained in board examinations directly affect the higher education aspirations of candidates. The results, more often than not, are accurate measures of a student’s capabilities. One’s grades can decide which college they can gain admission to, and hence impact what kind of jobs they can get.

Students who are in doubt regarding their exam assessments can seek services like exam answer sheet verification.

Such facilities can give a clear idea about any discrepancies with a checked paper.

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The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the major educational boards in India. It encompasses thousands of public and private schools across India. Millions of students appear for the Xth and XIIth level examinations every year. When the time of results come around, some students are quite happy and others fall short of their own expectations. There are cases where students are confident of scoring high marks, but achieve considerably lower.

Does that sound familiar?:

The good news is, CBSE students can learn how to get photocopy of CBSE answer sheet delivered to their home

Students Can Use CBSE RTI Applications for Answer Sheets

The process of getting checked CBSE exam answer sheets is by filing an RTI claim.

You will ask how:

Under the Government of India’s RTI Act, citizens can exercise their right to information from government bodies, if necessary. The act also encompasses the needs of students who are seeking transparency regarding their grading in examinations.

If you are a CBSE student who has recently received the results for examinations, you can file an CBSE RTI online.You will get a photocopy of your CBSE exam answer sheet mailed to your physical address.

A fundamental set of steps are required for obtaining CBSE exam answer sheet online. This will help in learning how to get xerox copy of CBSE board exam answer sheet. But before we get into them, let us look at the criteria for filing RTI applications.

Wondering if you can file RTI:

The basic requirements for filing RTI applications are -

  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • The application should contain the particulars of information that is sought.
  • The evidence of application fee payment should be enclosed.
  • The applicant must provide a valid address where a reply will be sent.

Now let us look at how to get photocopy of CBSE answer sheet. It is a process comprising of a few steps that can be followed by anyone. Keep in mind that one has to meet the above-mentioned basic requirements to be eligible for RTI CBSE answer sheet.

The general steps students can use for general offline RTI are -

  1. Students have to write a CBSE RTI application which contains the particulars of the information that is sought from the concerned authority. The application can be digitally created, or handwritten. If students are having issues in writing the application a request can be made to a PIO (Public Information Officer). Such bodies can create a written application on your behalf. Just pass on the adequate information, like which paper(s) you are filing the RTI for. Remember, that applications have to be written in English, Hindi or your local language.
  2. The next step is to ensure that the evidence of payment of fees is included with the application which is to be submitted. There are generally two fees to be paid. The first is the application feed, and the latter is the further fee. The further fee can vary and the candidates will be informed about the designated amounts from their PIO. Application fees are generally quite nominal amounts. If students interpret that the further fees charged are unreasonable, they can file appeal regarding the same. For students who are below poverty line, no fees are charged.
  3. The final step is sending the application to the appropriate Public Information Officer or Assistant Public Information Officer.It is the duty of the student to identify the concerned PIO for filing the RTI application. If by chance the concerned PIO does not possess the required information, it is the responsibility of the PIO to transfer the appeal to another PIO within the same authority.

If you were wondering how to get answer sheet from CBSE board exam at your doorstep, these are the only steps that need to be followed. By performing them as mentioned, you can have a xerox copy of their evaluated answer sheet delivered to the provided address. It is that easy. To make things easier, students can try online RTI CBSE answer sheet method. We will take a brief look at how students can easily file an RTI online to get CBSE answer sheet copies.

Online RTI Procedure for CBSE Answer Sheet RTI

First and foremost, you need to find information about agencies/service providers who provide online RTI services in India. The objective is simple. These companies have professional RTI experts, who specialize in fast-forwarding your process. They also work towards ensuring that you get the intended information. Let us look at the steps of how to get an online RTI for CBSE papers.

The key steps for online RTI are -

  • Mentioning details - RTI service providers generally seek a few details, which are needed to start the process. This information might include information regarding an examination date, and other basic info. A nominal processing fee might be charged (varies depending on your service provider).
  • Documentation - With your provided information, designated lawyers that work with these agencies process your application. If you are clueless regarding how to get xerox copy of CBSE board exam answer sheet, hiring an agency is a good option.
  • Request phase - During this phase, the approved application is sent over to the CBSE. It is usually done through postal services.
  • The wait - Once your process is finished, it is just time to wait till you receive the information i.e. the evaluated CBSE exam answer sheet. It generally takes near about two to five weeks.

Many students nowadays simply prefer the convenience of online RTI solutions. It saves them precious time and a lot of hassle. The information mentioned above will tell you exactly how to get answer sheet from CBSE board exam. However, you might also choose to follow the offline RTI process.

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